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IKEA Sheets

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Cotton, but not as sturdy


We bought the bed and mattress and while there we figured to pick up some sheets, as they were 100% cotton and plain white. Honestly, I was disappointed at the quality of these sheets given the price. The price seemed comparable to others I had purchased on sale at other retailers, however, the thread count was low, low, low. They felt ok to begin with and the first few washes went well. Then there was the fall off. They did not last a year before we had to replace them. They became thread bear in areas of regular use, you know where people have their bodies. I would not recommend this for regular use, perhaps a seldom used guest room would make these worth the while. I know that Ikea has a sustainable product guide and that they are Earth friendly, but sheets should last longer or they are not sustainable. But, in truth, you would be better off catching a sale and getting a higher thread count set someplace else.



cheap sheets


IKEA really has become a household name and they make some really wonderful and really cheap sheets for the bedroom. You can purchase all kinds of things like duvets pillows and mattresses and onward. I did not choose a premium sheet I chose one of the ones on sale and although it is not part of their premium line, I'm pretty happy with my sheet. It washes just fine and the colors are still vibrant even after washing. It is extremely easy to fold and there is really no problems that I have from it. They have several different kinds of sheets that IKEA and have a pretty nice selection for different tastes and different preferences. I love mine and mine really accents the style of the room where I have to sheets. If you're looking for some cheap sheets then you know where to go.

Tustin, CA


IKEA Sheets

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