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IKEA Rast Nightstand

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decent night stand for a decent price.


This is a nice night stand but a little basic looking. I bought it off their website and it didn't look the same color when I got it. I wish they would have offered more colors for this though as it doesnt really fit well in my room but I guess thats my mistake right? Pretty easy to set up though.



basic nightstand


This is a really basic nightstand and if you're in the market for a sophisticated or for complex unit and I definitely do not recommend that you purchase this. Again, it is extremely basic. Perhaps there are several different models because my nightstand looks a little bit different than the one feature in the picture so your mileage may vary. But my nightstand is very simple. Installation and construction of the night shelf takes just a couple minutes and everything is provided to you. The actual finished product is quite nice and can hold books jewelry headphones sleeping gowns anything really that suits your fancy. It is not so big that it takes up a huge amount of space but it is roomy enough to be able to handle most objects comfortably. If you are someone who does not require a very fancy nightstand then the Rast is good.

La Jolla, CA


IKEA Rast Nightstand

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