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IKEA Molger Open Shelving Unit

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great for the home


IKEA Molger open shelving unit is something that you can use Primus anywhere in the house. I recommend it though for basement or garage or a bathroom. You could use it in the main bedroom or in the living room although you may want to spruce it up a bit as it is a bit plain. But in terms of function is very good and has multiple layers of stories allowing you to really stockpile different kinds of items on this open shelving unit. Construction is very simple and it took me just a few minutes to get it set up in my bathroom. It is very spacious and really take care of my space problems. I put towels on most of the stories and I also put some decorative ornaments on some of the top layers. It is a finely constructed piece and it is great for home.

Tustin, CA


IKEA Molger Open Shelving Unit

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