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IKEA Grundtal Scale

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good quality


The IKEA grundtal scale is a very modern and hip looking scale. It has to aluminum finish type of look in a very simplistic look that appeals to me. It's a knockoff they very much an effect of our cheap actually. Comparing it to another skill that I have a home analysis of this scale is that it is quite accurate. The two scales are several pounds different but they are close enough and has nothing alarming or big. The design is a circular design was a little thickness at the bottom. It does not occupy a huge footprint and will not take up too much space in your bathroom or wherever you store your scale. I feel that it is important to have a good quality scale in order to see how you are gaining or losing weight. Everyone should have a scale and it makes sense to especially when such a high-quality unit sells for so cheap at ikea.

Monrovia, CA


It's accurate but delicate - shatters easily


I love my glass IKEA bathroom scale. It's the first scale I've ever had that weighs accurately and consistently. Unfortunately, this morning, hubby nudged it with his toe, it slid against the commode, and shattered into a zillion pieces. We've had it less than a year.

Clawson, MI


IKEA Grundtal Scale

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