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IKEA Bekvam Kitchen Cart

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Amazing space saver for small kitchens!


The kitchen space in my apartment is crowded without very much counter top space. I bought the Bekvam cart to add some shelf space as well as provide a surface on which I could stack my microwave and toaster oven. It works great for that purpose. The rollers are fantastic and give you additional versatility. I've moved the cart around a few times with ease. The wood structure is strong and robust. No issues with wear after about 18 months. Get it during an Ikea sale if you can! Well worth the investment for all kitchens, not just small ones.

Berkeley, CA


love this cart


The IKEA bekvam kitchen cart is a heaven send. I cannot tell you how useful this thing is in the kitchen. And although this then is designed for kitchen use, I see no reason why it cannot be used anywhere in the house. It is basically a mini table that has wheels at the base. This allows the to be extremely flexible and move around on pretty much any surface. It can collide easily on hardwood floors and you can also put a little push to make it go through carpet. It is a very simple but very elegant look and it looks nice especially if your kitchen has a lot of wood. There are multiple stories on this kitchen cart which allows you to store several things in the bottom compartment areas. this item has proven useful to me numerous times now and I love it.

Tustin, CA


IKEA Bekvam Kitchen Cart

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