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IKEA Burken Jars with Lid

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We like the look and functionality of the IKEA burken jars


We have several different sizes of the IKEA Burken jars with the metal lids.  We like them alot!  My husband especially likes the sleek look and that they are made of a nice glass.  They seem to be very durable.  The lids seal tightly which makes them useful for storing just about anything.  They also look nice enough to have out on the counter with snacks like pretzels or something in them. They over course, like most items at IKEA, are very reasonably priced.  None of ours have ever broken or chipped and they are used all the time.  We are, of course, careful with them as they are made from glass.  The largest one, like the one pictured here, we use for hot chocolate mix during the winter and leave it out on our counter.  It looks very pretty with the wintry mix inside!  They clean up easily and nicely.  We have had no problems with etching or clouding of the glass and I think some of them have gone through the dishwasher a time or two - but not the lids, I think those should be hand washed.  THe seals stay tight on the lids and I'm not sure what the heat of the dishwasher would do to them.  Overall, a great product - I just wish there were more IKEAs around so we didn't have to drive hours to get to one!

Millersburg, IN


Great Looking and a Great Value! I love Burken Jars!


I purchased my first Burken Jar from IKEA about two years ago. I purchased a medium sized one, tall and skinny, to put my gel packs for my dishwasher in. I thought it would look cute up on my countertop, and it was such a good deal that I couldn't pass it up. Since then, I have bought about ten more of these jars. I purchased a larger one for cookies (they somehow seem to taste better when you grab one from a super cute jar =) and I also purchased some smaller ones for my more used spices, like my mineral sea salt. I love that they have the great sealing lid. It has a rubber seal that works really good. The brushed metal look of the lid looks so nice and neat, and fits with almost any decor. They are clear glass, and the glass is thicker, so they don't seem like they would break easily. I have ran mine through the dishwasher many times, and they have held up great! I also love the smaller ones, because I use them in the bathroom for cotton balls and such. They look so nice and clean looking.

Brainerd, MN


IKEA Burken Jars with Lid

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