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I-gotU GT-100 GPS

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I-gotu gt120 "got me"


I purchased this device after spending a good deal of time researching gps devices which offer geo-tagging. The price is attractive and the features I wanted seemed like a good fit. It arrived complete with a rubber "jacket" to prevent damage from small drops, a USB cable (to power up and transfer data) also included are a software CD (Needed to program the device, and extract data from it) The device is very small and very lite *easy to loose* The device housing has a small hole in it, which will allow you to connect it to your keychain. It takes 4 hours to fully charge, but after that charges take about 2. I find that the connection from the usb cable to the device takes a bit of prying in order to connect (so much so, that I am afrais I may damage the connectoron either end) It is also a proprietary cable, so you would need to order from the manufacturer if you need a spare. I took the device on a short car/walk adventure and it picked up most of the trip (It did not capture part of the initial trip since it takes 40 sec to 1 minute to initialize and a bit more to sync with available sat. I connected and downloaded my test adventure and am very pleased. Good purchase with very small issues.


Pleasanton, CA


I-gotU GT-100 GPS

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