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Hyland's Headache

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I often get stress headaches, and did not feel comfortable resorting to over the counter pain relievers because of some research I've done. It took me a while to find this remedy and I am so happy that I have! I keep this stocked at all times. I am comforted knowing the homeopathics are safe to use, and that I don't have to use Advil or something like it. I would say that with this product I find relief within 15-20 minutes. I have even converted my husband to this remedy, who also gets headaches and loves his over the counter pain relievers. I recommend this product to you, and all my friends! I would also include that this remedy is not the best for migraines, it is more useful for stress and tension headaches for sure. I know that Hylands makes a remedy specifically for migraines, which I have used and also reccomend highly. This is the only reason I gave this product a nine instead of a ten.




Hyland's Headache

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