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Hyland's For All Ages Earache Drops

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Caused a Scary Reaction


I read the entire package prior to administering the drops and the insert stated that the drops were safe for all ages and there was no mention of possible adverse effects. I administered the drops as directed and my daughter's ears immediately turned bright red and extremely swollen. The reaction also occurred where the liquid had made contact on the skin outside of her ears. As a fan of Hyland's products I was very disappointed, and have now wasted a good deal of money on a product I cannot use.

Beaverton, OR


Worked pretty well


I have to say that an earache can stop you in your tracks, especially when you have a toddler that enjoys all the noisy toys, lol. So, when I got an earache recently I had to try something pretty fast. I liked the fact that this is a natural product compared to some of the others with ingredients that I had no clue what were. So, I picked this to try. Immediately I could feel it getting down in the canal where it needed to be. It was an odd sensation, not very pleasant. At first my ear just felt more clogged up and I was worried. But after a few hours I noticed the pain beginning to subside. It took several applications before my ear felt back to normal. So, don't expect a quick fix when you buy this.

Nicholasville, KY


works well


Hyland's Earache drops are a god send! First, they are safe for all ages which means not only can I use them when I have an earache but I also feel safe giving them to my younger children when they have earaches. They are made from natural ingredients which also gives me great peace of mind. I use these every single time someone in the household has an ear issue and I can honestly say that we have seen improvement in earaches 100% of the time after using them . THey are in a small, compact container which makes them super great for travel and just keeping in my purse when we're out and about. The price tag on them is also very reasonable. I have used other Hyland's products and have never been disappointed. In this case I am also very impressed with their products. I would highly recommend this product for someone who has occasional to frequent earaches and wants some fast relief without a high price tag.

York, PA


Soothed my son's cries almost instantly!


My family and I love Hyland's Earache drops! My two sons (2 and 10 months) are very prone to ear infections, and I can always tell when an ear infection is coming on by how they start crying when I lay them down to sleep at night. Before, I would just take them into the doctor's and get an antibiotic, but since I found Hyland's everything is different. I apply the Hyland's drops into the effected ear, and it soothes the pain almost instantly. Then I am able to treat the ear infection with natural home remedies to get it to go away without an antibiotic. The bottle is really tiny, but you only need a few drops for it to work, so you get plenty for your money's worth. I put 3 drops in my 10 month old's ear, and it works perfectly. We've been using them for about a year now, and I'm very very happy with them. Hyland's is a very trustworthy company. They're teething tablets don't work so well on my kids, but the earache drops are awesome!

Northampton, PA


Hyland's Earache Drops


#1...I trust Hyland's!!  This product is natural and it is safe for all ages which for me is a huge plus.  This product travels well and is easy to use.  We keep it on hand to use at the first sign of an earache.  The all-natural product requires no special handling.  This is super because painful trouble can be avoided.  Now there isn't a long weekend wait in pain to see a doctor after the person has been miserable for days.  This takes care of the issue right then and gets working right away!  I love that this is readily available.  We can travel with this product because should ear pain begin (summers are full of swimming opportunities which is sure to bring on swimmer's ear) it is right there in our bag to begin treating the earache. This is also great for winter colds when an ear infection comes on because of a cold.  The ear can receive comfort from the pain right away without a visit to the doctor. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!    

Vincennes, IN


Love Hylands Earache drops


Had my niece over for a weekend while her parents were away. While here she had developed an earache. I didn't have the prescription ear drops her parents use for her. I went looking for something to relieve her discomfort and allow us all to get some sleep. With her being young, I noticed so many medicaitons are for older kids. Then I discovered this hylands ear drops and decided to give it a try. I was amazed that once I got home and put in her ear, in no time she had stopped crying and soon after was fast asleep. I used again the next day and that was it, she didn't have any more ear ache. By the time her parents came home a couple days later there were no signs of any ear infections or ear pain. I now keep it in the house at all times. I have used it myself a few times and can honestly say it made a huge difference in my pain. I love that it can be used for all ages and works so quickly.

Scranton, PA


Works like a charm!


I have had chronic earaches all my life.  Even after I had tube sput in my ears when I was younger.  I felt like I was just going to have to deal with it because NOTHING seem to work.  Even the prescribed ear drops I has been given, just didn't cut it sometimes. Then I found these wonderful drops by Hyland.  I had used other products by Hylands in the past for my kids.  They all seem to be miracle workers.  I couldn't see what it would hurt to give these ear drops a try. WOW, is all I can say. In the matter of less than ten minutes, I had major relief from my earache.  Within fifteen minutes, the pain I had completely went away.  I could never get ANY relief like that from any other product. These drops are all natural, so they can be used on any one.  My oldest son had an earache and within a few minutes of placing these in his ear, he went from screaming to calm and relaxed. If you suffer from earaches, these are must for your medicine cabinet.

Iliff, CO


Hyland's For All Ages Earache Drops

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