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Hyland's Colic Tablets

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Didn't Work For Us But Don't Write It Off Yet


I have been a big fan of Hyland's Products and have used many of their products in raising my babies, as well as to help my nieces and nephews too. When our nephew had the most severe colic, I made sure to have my sister try out Hyland's Colic tablets on him. They didn't work very well at all. I did make sure to have them handy for my kids as well, and what appeared to be colic was not affected either. These tablets are designed to ease gas and indigestion pains that suddenly come upon a child and cause them to scream intensely and not be able to sleep or settle down. The tablets dissolve very quickly and can be crushed and put in babies' mouths or mixed in a bit of liquid if preferred. I want to make sure to point out, however, that these colic tablets are homeopathic. One of the things I have experienced with homeopathic remedies is that they can work beautifully for one person and do absolutely nothing for another. My suggestion is if you are reasonably sure that it is colic (gas or indigestion pains) you are dealing with, try out these tablets and see if they work. If they don't work for one child, try them on another. Sometimes they will also not work at one time, but suddenly work well another too. All in all, despite Hyland's Colic Tablets being ineffective for my kids and my sister's highly colicky child, I still don't write them off completely as I know that they will work for some and it is a matter of trial and error.


Podunk, NY


Hyland's Colic Tablets a must have


This is one product that I used with all 3 of my boys.  It was/is a life saver.  All my boys had problems digesting milk based products and very gassy and fussy a lot of the time.  I would give them a couple of Hyland's Colic Tablets and that would do the trick! 


Round Rock, TX


Recalled all the time


I never felt like these really worked for my baby. It was hard to get the baby to take it and they would fight and spit them out. While I had these it seemed like they always went on recall so I stopped buying them. I didn't think they were terribly priced high but for the quality it seemed like it was lacking. I would go with gripe water or something more natural. Over all I was dissapointed in this product because I heard really good things about the product before I had my baby but when it use it lacked. I also found that it didn't work quickly either. Over all I would stick with more natural products or just do without this one. Too bad because it was a really good idea! I also heard that the ingridents wern't very good but I don't know enought about that.


Pleasant Grove, UT


Hyland's Colic tablets worked for us!


I must say that I absolutely love ALL the Hyland's poducts that we have tried. The colic tablets worked great for my first son who was an extremely fussy baby. A friend suggested them to us and we decided it was worth a try. They are very inexpensive in comparison to some other similar products you may find and I love that they disolved so easily in the babies mouth, it takes away any fear of chokeing, or having to disolve in water in order to give to the child. It varied for us as far as how quickly and how well it worked for our son, it seemed to depend on his level of discomfort at the time. But there were several times when nothing else would settle him where the Hyland's Colic Tablets did and that is absolutely worth it to me. My son also loved the taste of them, where with some of the infant stuff he would be put off by the taste,I never had any problems getting him to accept the Hylands Colic Tablets.


Peoria, AZ


Worth trying


Hyland's colic tablets are worth trying. I can't say that they definitely worked but it was worth trying. My daughter had very bad reflux and was very miserable in the beginning. When she was very young I gave her the Hyland's colic tablets. At first I was scared to give them to her, but they do dissolve almost immediately. As she got older she seemed to like taking them. The most interesting thing for me about the colic tablets was that I had read that many people found the colic tablets to be more helpful for teething than the actual teething homeopathic tablets. I did give them to my daughter for teething issues and again, I can't say that it worked miracles, but it can't hurt to try. Plus, the little white tablets seemed to interest her enough that it took her mind off of things for a little bit and she would stop crying. The Hyland's homeopathic colic tablets are great in a gift basket as a shower gift.


Mount Joy, PA


Saved my daughters from colic pain


I give every expecting mother that I know a bottle of Hyland's colic tablets as part of their baby shower gift because it saved my daughters from the horrible gas pain that they would experience when they were infants. With my first daughter, we had so many sleepless nights because of gas issues that she had. We tried everything from bouncing her, burping more, gripe water, etc and nothing helped until I found Hyland's. I read the directions the first time I was going to try it and laughed because the instructions actually said "don't be alarmed if your child falls asleep immediately after taking Hylands because of the instant relief" ....well guess what? I gave my daughter the suggested dosage and she immediately relaxed and fell asleep. It was unreal. I love the product also because they are tiny, quickly dissolving when using them witha newborn, I would just slip it under their tongue, or in the side of their cheek and there was never a chocking or gagging issue because it just stuck and dissovled so quickly. Also, the Hyland's brand is homeopathic and natural so I didn't have to worry about chemicals or anything like that. I LOVE this product!


Cheney, WA


Hyland's a Life Saver!


I used Hyland's colic tablets for my three boys and if my newborn experiences colic also I absolutely plan on using them again. Doctors do not have any suggestions for baby's suffering from colic, but as a parent it is a torture to have to watch your child in so much pain and discomfort. When I found these tablets I was so relieved. I love the fact that they are homeopathic so they will never be harmful to your child, and they are so easy to give to your baby as well. They definitely helped a great bit for all three of my children, and they seemed a lot less cranky and my boys were quickly much more comfortable. The price is very reasonable and they are easily found at drug stores, and even some grocery stores. I would recommend these to any parent who is not sure what to do with their baby who seems to suffer from colic. Even if it does not work for your child, it does not hurt to try to help them.


Bradenton, FL


Didn't do a thing.


I got these when my oldest was a colicky infant based upon some reviews that I read.  I was very disappointed that I didn't notice any change in him whatsoever.  At least it is homeopathic and from a company with a good reputation so I didn't worry about problems from him taking it.  Two years later my second child was born and once again was a colickly kid.  I bought Hyland's colic tablets again and tried them.  I didn't notice any improvement in him either.  So it might seem strange that I would indeed recommend these to a friend.  I would do so because they come from a well known reputable company and because they are inexpensive.  Some of the other things I tried for my boys' colic were MUCH more expensive and didn't do anything either.  Obviously some people seem to have success with it, so for the price, you might as well try and see if you are also one of the lucky ones.  All you have to lose is less than the cost of a fast food value meal.


Dulles, VA


Couldn't Live Without These!


I discovered the "teething tablets" when my first son was about 4 months old. We had dealt with several nights on no sleeping & extreme fussiness due to teething. I fell in love with those tablets, so when I found the colic tablets when my second son was a couple months old, I decided to try them. They are even better than the teething tablets! I love how you start off with 2 of these little tablets and don't have to wait hours before you can do a second dose. No matter what the source of the problem, I don't think I've ever had to use more than 2 doses because the boys were calm and acted pain-free. I recommend these to everyone that complains about teething, colic, or unexplained fussines!


Boone, IA


Hyland's Colic Tablets

3.7 9