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Hyland's Children's Teething Gel Paraben Free 0.5oz

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Doesnt always work


This product didn't always help my son, who began teething at around a month old. It did the first couple of times I used it, but he didn't quit fussing after that, no matter how much I used or how often I used it. (The instructions say to use a 1/4 inch strip of the gel as often as every fifteen minutes)




The best to calm a baby with teething pain


I wish I'd known about this stuff when my first son was born. Wow, this stuff is the best. I love all homeopathy stuff - it's all natural, made from plants and herbs with no ill side effects and for us, most of the time it works great. There's nothing worse than a teething baby in pain and hard to console. I used to grab the orajel and hope I didn't give them too much (I read it can numb their throat if you give too much!). But then I saw this and gave it a try. Read the instructions, and give them a lot and you'll be surprised how quickly it works. My son would be crying and inconsolable until I could get a finger full of this gel in his mouth. Then within minutes he would suddenly be calm and relaxed. You can give it as often as needed without worries and it worked great for us. Much faster than the teething tabs or even orajel without any fear. It also does not have much of a taste, so it should not bother a child or make them not want to take it - except for the fact that their mouth hurts and they may not want your finger in there. But get it in an be amazed at how quickly you see a happier baby!


Lewisville, TX


Expensive and didn't work!


When our child started teething, we decided it was time for a teething gel.  We wanted to get the most natural product possible, so we bypassed the baby orajel and decided to try this.  It was a bit more expensive, but it was worth it to us. Our son really seemed to like the taste of this stuff, but that was the only good thing about it.  It didn't seem to help with his teething pain at all.  He would just want more because it tasted good and that was it.  I concluded that maybe I wasn't getting it to his gums very well because he was always sucking it off my finger. Then I finally decided to try Baby Orajel.  Even though our son did the same thing with licking it off our finger, it was obvious that some of it was getting to his gums because there was a noticeable difference.  He seemed to get some pain relief! I would say that if you want the natural route, go ahead and spend the extra money and time to try this... each kid is different and it may work for yours.  It just definitely didn't work for us!


Holly Ridge, NC


Doesn't Work


Hyland's teething tablets are great so I figured I would try out the teething gel.  The results were below average.  I don't think it helps at all.  Nothing about the product made my child feel better.  I wanted to try a homepathic approach before trying anything else and this one was a failure.  Ended up buying the baby oragel (which helps him nurse a lot better).  I would say if you are going to spend your money on Hyland's products, go with the teething tablets.


Glen Allen, VA


didn't help


I am a huge fan of Hyland's teething tablets, so when I was looking for something else to help satisfy my teething son I bought **Hyland's Children's Teething Gel Paraben Free** to give them a try. I was less than impressed. I have applied Orajel to his gums with no problem, but the consistency of **Hyland's Children's Teething Gel Paraben Free** made it seem that it was all washed away in his mouth before I could even get to the affected area. Once appplied, **Hyland's Children's Teething Gel Paraben Free** just didn't seem to do much. He was not given much relief at all with **Hyland's Children's Teething Gel Paraben Free. **I like that you really can't give baby too much, but after a few attempts with **Hyland's Children's Teething Gel Paraben Free,** I gave up. If you are looking for a homeopathic rememdy, I suggest sticking with the tablets. They are easier to use and have basically the same ingredients.


Winnsboro, SC


Pacified the baby, but didn't seem to do much for adult.


When my daughter started teething, we tried Hyland's gel and Orajel. She hated the feeling or taste of Orajel.  The crying from that attempt was worse than just the teething. When we tried Hyland's gel, she would basically lick it off my finger and sign for more. It seemed to relieve the pain somewhat, and satisfied her.  However, it didn't last for a long time.  Maybe thirty minutes or an hour.  I did like that you couldn't really overdose the baby on it, so if they needed a little bit every hour or so, it was fine.When I had some teeth pain from erupting wisdom teeth, I tried it on myself. It made my tongue and gums tingle, but didn't really numb it or anything.  I'm not sure if it has a greater effect on a smaller body, but I wasn't incredibly impressed by it for myself. Still, if it pacifies her, I guess it works. I'd suggest trying it if nothing else works. It seems to be a harmless enough formula and can't hurt. 


Manassas, VA


Hyland's Children's Teething Gel Paraben Free 0.5oz

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