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Hyla Vacuum Cleaner and Water Filter

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Hyla Vacum Cleaner


This is a vacuum and air cleaner system that works through water. It has a water tank that traps all the contaminates in the air and vacuums cleaner than I have ever seen my floors. Because no contaminates are released back into the air I can dust only every 5-8 days and before I dusted every day or more. There are many different scents you can add to the water from menthol for cold & flu season to Epson salt for a relaxing scent or any variety you want. Maneuverability I has a long cord that wraps around the top of the unit completely out of the way when not in use. When in use you can run over the cord and not get stuck or tangled. Ease of Maintenance Clean it with regular tap water. Suction Performance This has better suction than any other unit I have ever used. You never get reduced suction at anytime. Versatility I love I have an air cleaner and a Vacuum in one and both so easy to use. Design Designed to hold all the extra tools on the machine itself Durability Made of high quality plastic like used at NASA.




Hyla Vacuum Cleaner and Water Filter

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