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Hygeia Hygeia EnJoye LBI Breast Pump with Deluxe Tote Set

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The most Eco and Mom Friendly Breast Pump on the market!


I did a lot of research before buying a pump because the market seemed to be saturated with one brand. I wanted to make sure I was making a wise decision before jumping on the bandwagon and buying the breast pump that "everyone else" had or was buying. I soon learned that breast pumps were one user items (i.e. could not be sold after the first user was done using it), it was recommended that a new pump be purchased for each baby a mother had, and that some pumps allowed milk to travel into the machine. I understood the first recommendation (one user), but was a bit concerned with the recommendation for purchasing a new pump for every baby and that milk even had the possibility of traveling into the machine (seemed like a no brainer to me, a problem that should be fixed). Then I found the Hygeia brand. This company prides themselves on being eco and mom friendly! When you are done with the Hygeia pump you are able to sell it/give it to another mother because milk never has the opportunity to travel into the machine, a new mother would buy new accessories; this is a reusable breast pump like what is available in hospitals. If a mother did not want to sell/give the pump to someone new, Hygeia will recycle the pump to keep the pumps out of the landfills. All of this sounded good to me so far! Then I saw the warranty...THREE YEARS (untouchable by other breast pump companies)! So all of this meant that not only could I use the pump for my first baby, but my next babies (after buying a new accessory kit just to be safe), AND my pump will probably still be under warranty when baby number 2 is here! I was sold! I have had my Hygeia pump for 3.5 years now; I also own a Purely Yours Electric Breast Pump (insurance), and some manual hand pumps. I nursed and pumped for first baby for 14 months, now I am using the pump for my second baby and it is going strong. I am a working mother that pumps using an outlet and the car charger. Only once did milk travel into the tubes (because I waited too long in between pumping and my flow was too fast); all I had to do was clean the tubes, and change the little filter. I felt safe knowing the milk did not travel into the pump. The suction remains strong and there are different options/setting to make it work for different mothers, and the parts are super easy to clean (there are not tons of little parts). If I had to make the decision again, I would buy another Hygeia pump again, no question about it! Ease of Cleaning Number of parts is minimal. Easy to throw in the dishwasher and reassemble without feeling like you are putting together a puzzle. Durability I have been pumping with this breast pump for 20 + months between two babies so far; owned it for 3.5 years. Versatility The car charger accessory is a must for moms that travel a lot.

Grafton, WI


Hygeia Hygeia EnJoye LBI Breast Pump with Deluxe Tote Set

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