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Hydroxycut Complete 7-Day Cleanse

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Total waste of time and money!


Hydroxycut Cleanser was nothing but a huge waste of time and money.  Totally did not do anything for me.  I followed the directions on the bottle and was totally discusted to not lose the weight or even feel cleansed.     

Chester, MD


I Should Have Known......


While everyone tells me that I shouldn't be using store both cleanses, I still decided to give this a try, it being the new year and the product being on sale and all. The instructions seemed easy, 3 pills during lunch and dinner, along with diet and exercise should bring you to a "regular" bathroom schedule. The pills were not bad, large yes, but they did not have a bad after taste and were slippery with water. They went down quick. The instructions say to use the product for 10 days straight, I made it to day 6. I realized that I wasn't any more regular than usual (once every other day). I will admit this, I did take care of my intake of food and water and even exercised more than usual in order to assure that I was giving the cleanse everything required for it to be as most effective as possible. That alone gives the pills some credit. I would recommend that if you choose to use this product, you continue for the 10 days, who knows, maybe by then you are a bowl movement machine! If nothing else, it will allow you to become more conscious of what you eat.

Fort Lauderdale, FL




This product is ok, well it actually does what it says so i suppose it's better than ok, but i honestly don't like them too much.  It's more of a personal dislike than a product dislike.  It helps cleanse the body and help get rid of all the bad toxins and junk in your system, but it's something you have to have time for.  you have to have access to a bathroom at every point of the day because you may not know when you have to go next and it's not easy to hold it.  Plus it gives your body that feeling of empitiness like it's supposed to, but when i say empitiness i mean empty... like as in your body needs something because the pills worked everything out not just the bad stuff.  So make sure you take a lot of high fiber foods or supplements with this or you will be a very hungry person for a week.  It just made me irritable and uncomfortable all week because i had this never ending craving for food and substance.

Denton, TX


Might work for you but not for me....


I would have to say that Hydroxcut is a great product for some people. yes, it gave me energy, it made me want to just continue to work around the house for hours. but as far as the weight loss I didn't receive any and that kinda makes me wonder about the rest of their products. Everybody is different so you just have to try it for yourself.

Villa Rica, GA


Hydroxycut Complete 7-Day Cleanse

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