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Caulking Tools
Hyde Caulking Tool & Caulk Removal Tool

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Hyde Caulking Tools: For the perfect bead


Often the difference between a high quality paint job and an amatuerish DIY effort can be found in the little things, like the quality of the caulking. You can paint the walls and the trim, but it's that little space where the two meet that often gets neglected.  For a really professional looking finish your eye should not be able to tell where one starts and one finishes.  This is where caulking comes in.  It fills those gaps between wall and trim.  Most often you'll want to use a paintable latex caulk that comes in a tube and meant to be applied with a caulking gun. You'll run a rounded bead between the wall and the trim in order to fill the void.  Some beginning DIYers stop there.  And, if you were a very careful caulker it wouldn't necessarily look half bad.  But the truth is, even a very experienced DIYer probably couldn't do the job right without a caulking tool. Look at the product photo.  You can see that a caulking tool is little more than a rigid piece of plastic that holds a diamond shape rubber-like appliance. Once you lay down your bead of caulk, wedge the caulking tool between the trim and wall and give it a clean sweep in one direction.  This forces the caulk to conform to the contour of the wall and trim. Once the caulking is dry it can be painted and it becomes all but invisible.  That's the professional look you want to strive for. The **Hyde Caulking Tool** is most often sold in a two piece value pack.  In addition to the caulking tool, the pack also includes a caulking remover.  The remover helps you remove any old cracked or shrunken caulking with little effort. **My Viewpoint** After spending the time to do a first rate paint job, the **Hyde Caulking Tool Value Pack** will help you achieve a finish that looks professional.  The cost of the value pack is negligible but it makes a big difference in the quality of the final result. Do the job right! Rudi

Boca Raton, FL


Hyde Caulking Tool & Caulk Removal Tool

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