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Husqvarna Viking
Husqvarna Viking Serger Huskylock

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Never had a more dependable machine than the Huskylock 905


The Huskylock 905 is my first serger, and I have used it constantly, being a seamstress. It has never let me down despite owning it for many years. I have used it to make clothing, accesories, and crafts. I have worked with a multitude of different fabrics, from delicate satin to rough felt and wool and with a few easy adjustments from my machine I have been able to sew them with ease. My machine has only ever needed minor maintenance, a yearly scheduled maintenance with the manufacturer, and a changing of blades. The instruction manual is very easy to read and follow, and the threading process is simple to master. The differential feed has become a must for all my projects to allow an even flow of different thicknesses and types of fabric. The ability to serge my fabric while sewing it is now a must for me, and my clothes have never been better or looked more professional. My only regret about the machine is more due to the manufacturer. It is very difficult to get service from Husqvarna unless the machine is shipped away. It is a very specialized name and not easy to get help with in case of problems.


Orlando, FL


this huskylock serger is worth every penny!


I've been sewing quilts, childrens garments, and cloth diapers for several years now.. I found that I didn't care for how "unfinished" the seams on my items appeared. And so began the research into which serger to purchase.  I looked high and low, read, read, and read some more about which sergers are the most user friendly etc.  Now as much as I would of loved to purchase a babylock with air threading, I just couldn't justify the price.. and so I came to Viking huskylock at my local Joann store.  When you first sit down in front of a serger it can be a bit intimidating, but after just 15 minutes I was running it like I knew what I was doing, I even changed the threads out, which they make incredibly easy by including a lovely threading chart/guide right on the machine itself!  I've been using this machine for nearly 2 years, several times a week.  I've oiled and cleaned it out myself periodically, but that's it.  It has never been in the shop, never broke down, and always runs like a dream.. This machine can handle 6+ layers of fleece without batting an eye. Worth every penny, I highly recommend this machine!


Forest Grove, OR


Love this serger!


This serger is AMAZING!! I love it.  I took a sewing class and they allowed us to use this serger during class to make a clean cut edge and I was hooked.  I went out and bought one later that week.  It is pricey but it really does some great work. This is great for making curtains and and for sewing clothes.  There are also optional feet that you can buy with this that are great.  The ruffle foot is great, no more bunching up fabric.  This does it all for you!  So easy.  The elastic foot is also great.  I made a bunch of sheet for my baby's bassinet and they took me no time at all.  The threading can me a little bit confusing, but the nice thing is that they have a step by step picture tutorial on the actual machine so you can always refer to that.  The manual that comes with it is also really easy to read and understand.  I would definitely recommend this machine, it really is a timesaver!


Pickerington, OH


Husqvarna Viking Serger Huskylock

5.0 3