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Husqvarna Viking
Husqvarna Viking Mechanical Sewing Machine Emerald

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needle up down button stopped working


Overall I like this machine. It is quiet and sews really nicely. Very nice basic machine. But I bought it on Monday , today is Friday and it's going back. 48 hours after having it home the needle up down button stopped working and that was one feature that I really wanted. I don't want to give up on this model so I will get another one and hope that this one just had a problem.



It works great, not too flashy but does the job


I have been sewing ever since I was a child. My first machine was a Husqvarna. This one I bought for nostalgia's sake. It does a great job at all the basic functions. I think the bobbin threading is easier than a lot of other simple machines out there. Threading the machine is not a problem. Pretty easy and straightforward. I can tell that the machine has a lot of power behind it -- maybe not enough to repair 15 pairs of jeans in one sitting, but enough to repair 1 or 2 pairs. It'll start getting a little hot if you use it for a long time. I only sew occasionally, and for no more than an hour at a time (usually), so it has worked for me



Husqvarna Emerald 118 blows me away, every time!


I own a Brother Sewing & Embroidery machine, which I have also reviewed, that I have been using for my regular sewing as well as my business sewing. After trying to get it to sew for several months for my business, it was clear that it was not a heavy workhorse machine. My business requires a machine that can sew through many, many layers of fabric, and so I went looking for a machine that could handle it. At the recommendation of the previous owner of my business, I looked into the Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116, and while that is a great machine, I really wanted the needle up/down button (it really is a boon for pivoting!) and the speed control. The Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118 offers both, and I was able to find it for a good price by purchasing during a sale at a local dealer and buying the floor model! This is my first Husqvarna, and it has ruined me. The Emerald series is their basic machine, low end, and it is WONDERFUL! You can feel the difference between this machine and others. It just goes through anything like butter (as I said, my business requires many layers, so I am sewing through 10 layers of fabric plus turned seams, of mixed cottons, fleeces, flannels and velours), without a hiccup. You can feel the power, and it is smooth as silk. The quality and craftsmanship just blow me away every time I use this machine! I highly, highly recommend this machine to anyone looking for a basic machine that will be a workhorse!

Wrightstown, NJ




I've been sewing since I was 8 years old. I actually learned on an old Singer peddle "machine" from the late 1800's. The HV Emerald is FAR easier to use...especially when making buttonholes. I've used the machine to make Halloween costumes for all my kids out of everything from cotton to pleather. It sews everything with so little effort. I love it

Redondo Beach, CA


Great machine


I love this little machine. I have been sewing for years and years and this little machine does everything I ask it to with no trouble. If you decide to buy this machine take the free setup class that comes with it. They will show you all the things you can do and it will make your sewing so much more fun.

Riddle, OR


Husqvarna Viking Mechanical Sewing Machine Emerald

4.8 5