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Husqvarna Viking
Husqvarna Viking HiClass Electronic Sewing Machine

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Easy and versatile sewing machine for beginners to use.


My husband purchased this machine for me to use around the house for craft projects and mending clothing. I love it and even taught myself to machine quilt with it. It is lightweight yet sturdy enough for me to make curtains and quilts with it. Highly impressed with the amount of fun I had playing with the different features. Stitch Performance The stitch length is easy to set and regulate. The variety of stitches is wonderful and fun to experiment with. I have made some doll clothing for my granddaughters and used many of the decorative stitches to make them special. Ease of Use Right our of the box this machine is easy to use. The owner's manual tells you how to load the thread and bobbins. Be sure you only purchase bobbins made for this machine and do not try to use any others- they simply will not work correctly in the bobbin case. Fabric Handling The presser feet help to walk the fabric through with ease. I use the free motion foot often and enjoy the freedom to control the fabric and move it in any direction. Be sure to keep a fresh needle in the machine. You can hear when it is getting time for a new one because it makes a clunking sound. Versatility I use this sewing machine for everything now. It is my favorite. I can do simple mending projects, sew doll clothing, make aprons, piece a quilt top and quilt the layers together then add the binding to finish it off. Perfect for all aspects. Design The design of the sewing machine is simple and practical. The settings are easy to change back and forth. Raising the feed dogs and lowering them for quilting is done with moving a switch. Be sure to vacuum out the lint and thread build up below the bobbin case frequently. Do not blow in it as your may get moisture in the bottom and that can cause rust. Durability The only flaw I have really found is that the bobbin case itself is plastic. I have worn mine out and had to order a new one. I am no expert seamstress so I have broken a few needles on mine and it is visible by the holes in it. Be careful to watch the wear and tear and order the replacement part before you need it.



Husqvarna Viking HiClass Electronic Sewing Machine

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