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Husqvarna Viking
Husqvarna Viking Electronic Sewing Machine Madison

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Absolutely trouble free! Best machine for the price.


I absolutely love the Husqvarna Viking Madison.  I am so glad I purchased it!  As a matter of fact, now that I know how great it is, I would have paid considerably more to have the worry free, smooth operation that my Madison gives me.  Before this purchase, I had practically given up sewing.  I had a Kenmore machine that made me feel like an idiot.  No matter what I did, I kept have tension issues and the dreaded "thread nests".  A friend told me if I bought a  Husqvarna machine, those problems would be over.  I went to look at the machines, but most were out of my price range - plus I was still a bit skeptical on any machine solving my problems.  Once the salesperson showed me that the machine could sew through four layers of jean material, then glide through chiffon with NO ADJUSTMENTS NECESSARY I was sold!  By far, the best feature on this machine is Husqvarna's patented pressure sensor feature - I think this is what keeps the thread issues from happening (if I am correctly remembering what the salesperson told me).  I have had the machine for a few years now, and have not had any problems!  I have made quilts, doll clothes, altered lots of clothes, made Halloween costumes, etc.  The machine just purrs along and has NEVER jammed!  It turns out I wasn't an idiot  after all!  I just finished a satin, detailed, victorian dress for my daughter's Halloween costume this year.  There were no puckers or thread issues.  I love the drop-in bobbin feature.  It is great to see when the thread is about to run out and it is so easily accessible.  I love how easy it is to wind the bobbin, I don't even have to unthread the needle.   I loved that all the pressure feet I needed (used 4 on this last project) came with the machine and worked fabulously.  I would guess that the only drawback is that this machine does not have a lot of fancy stitches, but it does have all the necessary ones.  I am actually on my way to purchase another Husqvarna for my daughter.  She wants to sew with me now, which I am thrilled about. 

Long Beach, CA


The Madison has so many unique features at an affordable price!


When considering a new sewing machine that would meet the needs of my growing seamstress business, my grandma recommended looking at the Husqvarna Viking section at Joann Fabrics. Both my grandma and I were drawn to one machine - the limited edition Madison. It had a simple, sleek look to it, and it was so easy to use! The saleslady informed me that the Madison was the first ever machine that would never have to be oiled. I was particularly impressed with the 5-step buttonhole, while my grandma kept raving about the choice of stitches. Both of us were amazed at how affordably-priced it was. Since the Madison was a limited edition model from 2006, it may be nigh impossible to get your hands on one. But if you ever, EVER have the chance to purchase one, do! The Madison will be well worth the investment!

Emmaus, PA


Husqvarna Viking Electronic Sewing Machine Madison

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