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Husqvarna Viking
Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machine

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I wouldn't buy their products


Embroidery, sewing, creative things


Frustrated in Macomb, MI


high quality


I got this machine for my 16th birthday. I learned to sew in college because my friends who were better at sewing had machines that were not as nice. this is a pretty good quality machine. it has a wide range if stitches and is programable to do many useful things the instructions in the manual iseasy to understand. there is a part that raises and has the tread under it with all of the stiches on it. it has to be removed to use a large spool I think having the information printed on it would be more convinient, but it may be like that on newer models.


Saint Paul, MN


Built to last with this Swedish model machine!


Someone had stated before that the Husqvarna Viking Sew Easy Computer 350 machine was a great machine, and it certainly is! It comes with allot of bells and whistles. It has a memory that will sew the same pattern for you with the touch of a couple buttons so all you have to do is guide your fabric! It is easy to thread and easy to insert and set the bobbin. It has 29 patterns to choose from as well! The bobbins don't hold much if you are quilting or using the thicker thread! The other commenter on the maching was discouraged because of the lack of thread the bobbing held. I find them to be average in comparrison to my mother's Singer bobbins.My main concern with bobbins are the difficulty I have in getting them. Additional parts for this machine are not easy to come by unless you go directly to a dealer. You can't go to a craft store, at least no in TX. and get extra bobbins. I have tried ALL of them! Even small custom shops tell me to contact the mfg. Universal bobbins do not fit my machine. I figured it wouldn't hurt to at least try it! No luck. So, It's a 4/5 for me due to the difficulty in locating parts.


Dodge, TX


Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machine 350 is solid.


Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machine 350 came to my rescue  while I was making the brides maids dresses for my daughter's wedding. That was ten years ago and but for needing a general tune up and cleaning it has been the most dependable sewing machine I have ever had. I have made hundreds of baby blankets and quilts with it since those brides maid dresses and it has always done a beautiful job. The only thing I don't like about it is the bobbins don't seem to hold as much thread as I would like. Other than that I have no complaints about the sewing machine. It has numerous stitches to chose from and I have used many of them. These machines are built to last and last they do. With this brand of sewing machine you will not be disappointed. Ypu will find the dependabilty you are looking for as well as the versatility you need if you are an avid crafter like I am. Sewing is like breathing to me.


Round Lake, IL


Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machine

3.8 4