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Husqvarna Viking
Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machine Sapphire

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I am the owner/designer of a small, thriving tote and bag business. After using a Singer all my life, "because my Mother did", I had graduated to Baby Loc. I loved that machine, but after wearing it out sewing bags, I began looking for something different. Boy did I find it. The minute I sewed on the Viking Sapphire 835, I was hooked. It took all the guess work out of where to start the needle, how long to make the stitches, what foot to use. The machine does it all. It took a little getting used to, I had lifted the the sewing foot for over 40 years on other machines & was sure it would take me a year to get used to pushing a button. Not so, in 2 weeks I do not even think about it. You pick the fabric on the selector, and stitch you want, it tells you what foot to use, what settings. Slide the fabric under the raised needle, press down on the presser foot and you are sewing , precisely, with even stitches that amaze me even now. If the fabric thickness changes the machine senses that and accomodates for it without me having to readjust anything. The stitches stay even and very professional looking. It is everything I wanted in a machine for not a lot of money. It has as many embroidery and fancy stitches as I will ever use. It can be updated. Husqvarna has a great policy for taking care of the machine, they send it to a qualified tech to work it over. There are a lot of sewing machines these days to pick from, all good, I am sure. If I ever decide to stop making bags, I will quilt and this has the longest throat (needle to neck) just for sewing large items. I can go to quilting without worrying about a new machine. I Love this Machine! It is almost addicting to try new things.


Boise, ID


Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machine Sapphire

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