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Husqvarna Viking
Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machine Platinum

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Great machine for quilters!


I wanted this machine because of the hand-quilting stitch and also the name.  I had a Singer before, which is fine for someone who sews infrequently, but I wanted to raise the bar on my finished product.  The hand-quilting stitch looks very nice; however, it's a little tempermental.  I had to have the right size thread in order for it to work.  I highly recommend the new owner's class.  Joann's offers them to any new owner of a Husqvarna.  Our teacher was very knowledgeable about all Husqvarna products, and it was very impressive that she was able to teach on lots of different machines simultaneously.  I learned a lot about maintaining my machine and the importance of using quality fabric and thread in order to keep in running for years to come.  If you know how, the bobbin is very easy to disassemble in order to clean lint from it.  I think the thing I like the most about my machine is that it rarely jams, and if it does, it's often a threading error.  I also like how portable it is.  The cover has a side slot to put the manual, notes, and cords in.  I have often considered buying the next line up, but honestly, unless I wanted an embroidery machine, I can't think of anything that I feel I'm missing out on. If I was to change something, I would ask that the default seam allowance be 1/4".  After all, it is a quilting machine.

Chandler, AZ


Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machine Platinum

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