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Husqvarna Viking
Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machibe Emerald

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Husqvarna Viking Emerald - It Almost Sews Itself


I've been using Singer brand sewing machines for years, but wasn't about to argue with my grandmother who gave me this Husqvarna Viking Emerald machine. There were so many stitches and features it took me a while to figure it all out. The feature that sews a button on it's own has been my saving grace on more than a few occasions. I still consider myself a beginner sewer - but this machine has inspired some major creativity! I love using this sewing machine! It's so easy and comfortable to work with I don't think I could ever go back to any other brand. The one complaint I do have about the device is that it's heavy. But that's because it's made with strong durable parts. I'd be skeptical of a lighter sewing machine. It's just not very portable for taking to sewing classes.

Troy, OH


This Sewing Machine is Awesome!


This is a very nice machine!  This was bought to replace an old 1970's era Berninia mechanical machine, as it's timing unfortunately had to be readjusted every 2 months.  In our household, we are crafters, and own our own business.  We have a need for a sturdy machine that can sew through many layers of fleece at one time.  This machine walks through it like no problem!   In addition to what we needed from a machine, this machine has a lot of extra features that we like.  In fact, those extra features allow us to try new things, such as surging (the stitch-it doesn't cut) and basic embroidery.  It has a lot of different stitches!  Making button holes is super easy with a special foot.  The machine comes with a nice set of presser feet, a few clear bobbins, and some other cleaning accesories.  The feet are really easy to change; they just snap on and off.  The needles are pretty easy to change too.  The machine has a needle threader and the presser feet have an extra lift for those really thick fabrics.  I especially like the fix button, which is a button telling the machine to sew in place five stitches to anchor the stitch.  It's very tiny so it hides the beginning of the seam well.  It's much neater than hitting the reverse five times (although it still has that feature if you want).  I also like the speed lever, which prevents the beginning seamstress in our family from stepping on the pedal too hard and going too quickly.  The machine isn't complicated, but the computerized interface might be daunting to the new user.  The user manual does a really good job explaining how to use the machine.  If the store you buy the machine from offers a class, I'd recommend taking it.  It's really helpful since there are a lot of features, and having someone show you is always helpful! Overall, this is a middle-of-the-road machine.  If you need something very sturdy with a few extra features, this is the machine for you.  If you need something basic, this machine will work but there are less expensive machines available to you that will work well.  If you're into fancy embroidery, you need a more advanced machine. 

Princeton, MN


Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machibe Emerald

5.0 2