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Husqvarna 28CC Handheld Blower/Vac

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As a long time property owner I've owned a variety of blowers from many manufacturers and in different designs. This one is my current favorite. Others were uncomfortable to hold or difficult to start. Some flooded easily or broke often requiring replacement parts etc. This one I can pick up with ease and it starts readily. It has a great force for blowing and doesn't deafen me or leave my hand numb after long usage. I highly recommend it .

Torrington CT


Holy Engine Power


This blower vac is simply amazing. Not only will it blow anything, and almost even me, away from it, but it will also suck up and destroy anything except or very large branches and metal. I have been able to pick up things with this that I haven't meant to pick up simply because I forgot to look and then saw it get picked up.



Husqvarna 28CC Handheld Blower/Vac

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