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Husqvarna 21" 3-n-1 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

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Easy-to-use Mower!


I purchased this Husqvarna 3-n-1 self propelled lawn mower for my wife. I looked around at a few different mowers, but this one seemed the best for my wife and the value. She loves it too! The self-propelled speeds are adjustable which is nice because my wife cannot keep up with the other mowers that do not have the adjustable speeds. The wheels are lso very nice on this mower. With our yard, we do a lot of turning. The big wheels on the back make it very easy to manuveur. I used this to cut my ENTIRE yard the first cut of the season this year because of how well it actually cuts. The bag on it is also fairly large, but not bulky and in the way. Overall, I really am happy with my purchase and my wife loves it too!


Bridgeport, WV


husqvarna 21 so smooth


after  spending 30 days in the field training for another trip to the sand box i returned home to find my lawn server went out of business an it looked like a jungle in my back yard the pond had over flowed due to all the ground weeds were waist high  i used my neighbours husqvarna self propelled 21" lawnmower that bad boy brazed right though that mess needless to say i am now a prod owner


Savannah, GA


Good General Purpose Mower


Does a great job and the "auto walk" self propulsion makes the job easier. The bagging system is very manageable. This is a sturdy mower, although it does have a couple of weak spots. The handle is in two parts for packaging purposes- so you can guess where that has weakened over time. We have also had to remove the mulcher attachment because it continued to get hooked on things and finally broke. The mower still works very well with the attached mulch door closed. We haven't checked on replacement parts, but I would imagine we could order another door, however, the handle's connection is stripping and probably cannot be replaced so easily.


Little Elm, TX


Husqvarna 21" 3-n-1 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

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