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Husky Riding lawnmower 46"

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cuts the grass and thats what it s supposed to do


We bought a new house this summer with 2 acres of grass to cut.  Our old house had about three blades of grass to cut.  So the wife let me buy a new riding lawnmower.  what with buying a new house we didnt have a lot of money to spend on a mower so the green ones with the animal name were out, and the yellow ones at the orange store were out too..  We found these Husky mowers at the farm store, and were pleasantly surprised by the prices,  Hundreds less than most brands, and still a hundred less than the cheap ones at the big hardware stores. Well we bought it and couldnt be happier.  It does all that it's supposed to do and our yard looks great. We have had no problems whatsoever with it, the blades stay sharp and the motor starts up right away every time you turn the key. It even has a cup holder for you beer, or soda, or beer.  It's pretty powerful too, as i can ride it up the steep sides of my ditch with no problems at all.  

Princess Anne, MD


Can't get parts


We have owned this for 1 year now. It does work pretty good for the price but it could be built a little stroner. We have not had many problems with the tractor itself, but when it comes down to the deck it lacks. It does not take to brake. We have had two hpousings break on it already. Not to mention bolts that have broke. Pulleys are tweaked and eating belts. The worst part about it breaking is that noone stocks parts on this thing. So everything is special order which is only time and freight. It is very frustrating. The tractor is still in good condition so I guess we will have to special order new deck. But as I said for the price it is not too bad. Will not by another husky can't get parts around here.

Alice, TX


Husky Riding lawnmower 46"

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