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Hurricane Spin Mop

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Cleans Wonderfully, Floor dries quickly!


My son purchased this mop when it first came out on TV. He gave it to me, and I am so happy he did! At first I was a little overwhelmed...I had never used a mop in a bucket before. that you spun around. I was so used to the regular mops I had been using for 40 some years. It was very easy to put together. I was a little nervous with the instructions saying you step on the mop end to attach to the handle. But I did, and it snapped in. I added the water and cleaner for the floor in the bucket, dipped the mop in, put it in the spin area and pressed the lever with my foot. I was so delighted when after spinning a couple of times I removed the mop and it didn't drip! Cleaning my tile floors was so easy. No more messy water splashing all over the place then when finished having to go back and dry with a towel. It cleaned so well. I especially like how I can throw the mop part in the washing machine to clean it. I have had it for almost a year now, and couldn't be happier with the product. Still working, cleaning my floors wonderfully. Thank you son for the great gift! It gets a lot of use.

Palm Springs, CA


hurricane spin mop


I am very happy with this mop system. Worsening arthritis has made mopping painful and keeping my house as clean as I want impossible. Places unreachable with a mop ( like behind the toilet) that I used to get on my knees to do have just stayed dirty because I can't kneel anymore. This mop reaches those places !! the wringing spinner is great, not only easy but by lifting the leg a bit higher than necessary and alternating feet on the pedal I'm combining one of my leg exercises that keep the leg and hip muscles strong, have one artificial hip, don't want another one ! Light weight too, I can lift it without straining. I have found it best to have the bucket against something when wringing so it can't slide, especially when it's empty and I'm drying the mop. So far a good rinse and wring with fresh water after doing a floor has been enough to clean the mop head. I like the mop head, the strings get under the edge of the washer, dryer and refrigerator which sponge, string, and wet cloth mops don't.

Big Spring, TX


Hurricane Spin Mop

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