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Hunter QuietFlo True HEPA Air Purifier

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Hunter QuietFlo great for single rooms


The Hunter QuietFlo Air Purifier is great for cleaning the air in single rooms. It's really powerful and fast. Within minutes after turning it on you can breathe the results. It cleans the air as it suppose to. If you are looking to clean the air in multiple rooms then this will not work for you. While cleaning the air it also gives off cool air which is great to use alone or in addition to a portable air conditioner. My cat does not seem annoyed of bothered when it's running. Considering the size of this unit it does freshen the air really well. I like it and I often use it to help me sleep. Ease of Maintenance Filters are really easy to change and last a long time even in really dusty places. Dust/Allergen Removal Within minutes the air smells fresh and fells cooler. Filter Availability I usually find my filters on Ebay without any problems. Durability It's well made and will last for years. Effectiveness It works for a single room. It does not work for multiple rooms. Design It takes up little space and fits on a table easily.



This Hunter is obnoxiously loud and not very effective


I can't say there's much I like about this air purifier. For starters, unless you run it on low, it's unbearably loud. Even at the low setting, it's far louder than the Winix air purifier I have in my living room. Since I got this for the bedroom, that's a huge negative. I'm running this in a room that's far smaller than the 14x15 size room it's rated for but it's still doing little or nothing to make a difference in the room unless it is running on the obnoxiously loud high setting. The fan is certainly effective, but I was looking for an air purifier, not a fan. In winter, it makes such a stir in the air it makes the room uncomfortable. It comes with an optional ionizer, which can be turned on or off with a push of a button. With recent concerns about the ozone from ionizing air purifiers aggravating asthma and harming lung function, the ability to turn the ionizer on or off is a plus. It's a pretty large size, which is fine for use on a floor but not so much on a nightstand. But overall, I have to say this is an inferior air purifier unless used in an area where the noise and blowing air from the fan aren't an issue and where you don't have a lot of dust or other air pollutants to filter.

Fort Valley, VA


Hunter Air purifier provides air as fresh as a mountain breeze


I've been really impressed with my **Hunter Air Purifier**.  I originally bought the unit to remove bad odors drifting into my apartment, like stale cigarette smoke, smelly cooking scents, and paint fumes when they re-paint an apartment. It has done a great job at removing those smells, and also provides clean, cool air on a regular basis. I have the **Hunter Quiet Flo Air Purifier Model 30090, **which is designed for rooms up to rooms of 140 square feet. It does not take up a lot of space since it measures just 14'' X 14'' X 6''.  The unit is always quiet too - you could probably sleep with it running even if you are a light sleeper. There are only a few features on this unit, such as a 3-speed fan and a dial that will remind you of when to change the filter.  There are two separate filters: a HEPA filter which removes 99.97% of air particles, and a carbon filter that removes scents. The carbon filter needs to be replaced every few months, while the HEPA is good for up to a year. I highly recommend this **Hunter Air Purifier** if you need fresh air for health reasons, want to remove bad aromas, or just want fresh, clean air to breathe every day.  It seems to be well constructed, is easy to operate, and has a 5-year limited warranty.

Denver, CO


Hunter Quiet Flow Air Puirifier best thus far!


This is the best one I've found.  Other than the fact that it is just slightly noisy, it's not as loud as others.  And it really gets the job done.  The humidity level in the room drops quickly.  It's better for a room that is on the larger size.  We use it in out child's room and it really does a good job but since the room is small, it feels much wamer in there than it should.  But I still love the product.

Valley Stream, NY


if you use this air conditioner you go sleep like a princess


this air conditioner don't make sound and can permit you sleep like a princess because is very, very quiet. when you use it you have to give me the reason because is very, very easy and simply to use thank to read my report for this product if you have a question you can go to my profile and write me your question and I go answer you.

Valley Forge, PA


Hunter Quiet Flo Air Purifier improved my asthma!


**Hunter Quiet Flo air purifiers** allow you to provide cleaner air in your home at the touch of a button. Ours has three settings for the fan speed and the display shows the percentage of filter life left. It contains two filters: the HEPA filter is typically replaced about once a year and the pre-carbon filters are typically replaced every few weeks, depending on the quality of the air being filtered. We tend to buy a cheaper generic pre-carbon filter and cut them to the correct size rather than buying the more expensive Hunter brand pre-filters. As the name indicates, it is quiet when running, which is a BIG improvement from another brand of air purifier we bought many years before. Another nice newer feature is that you can lock the display, preventing little fingers from changing the settings. A couple of years ago, we bought two Hunter air purifiers, one larger one and one smaller one. Since I have asthma and take allergy shots, I have a peak flow meter and have to check my breathing on a regular basis. My peak flow readings went from 280 to 450 within about a week! My peak flow readings have consistently run 440-500 since then. My kids, who take allergy and asthma medicine every day, were able to breathe better also! I couldn't believe it. After using the air purifiers for about four years, the smaller one suddenly stopped working. I checked the owner's manual, and I noticed it was still under warranty. Yeah, right...I bet they will make me mail it back and it will cost as much to do that as it will to buy a new one, I thought. But I called the number anyway. Not only did I reach a real person on the other line, but I discovered that I only needed to mail in a sticker off the back and the power cord. The style that we had that was broken was no longer made, so they sent me one just like the other bigger one, which actually cost more! I just had to pay to send a sticker and the power cord from the broken unit.  **My Viewpoint:** If you are struggling to breathe and your healthcare provider recommends an air purifier, I'd encourage you to consider a Hunter Quiet Flo air purifier. Ours have certainly helped cut down on my family's asthma and allergy symptoms, and the technical support we received from Hunter was great.

Piedmont, NC


Hunter QuietFlo True HEPA Air Purifier

4.0 6