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Hunter Microban UVC Tower Evaporative Large Room Humidifier

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Throw away humidifier


This one is junk. Was sent to me as warranty replacement for a model 33252. They said it was only one available. It is an inferior substitute for the 33252. I thought it would be good with the UV lamp. But very poor humidity because it has small wick and no pump to keep wick moist. Wick and UV lamp need the be replace often. Designed to sell wicks and UV lamps. A good humidifier needs to have a method of feeding water to the wick, like a pump or motor that rotates the wick through the water. Pilot light so bright I had to put tape over it. Fan is pretty noisy on high. Running any speed higher than Low does not increase humidity. The wick can't absorb enough to keep up with higher speeds. It needs a pump to supply water to wick. Ran for half a season. I cleaned very well before storage. This season fan won't run because of some obscure interlock with UV lamp or something else. Avoid this dog like the plague.

Hinckley, OH


Hunter Microban UVC Tower Evaporative Large Room Humidifier

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