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Hunter Fan Century Nickel Brushed Nickel Table Fan

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Great quality


I have always loved hunter ceiling fans and thought they were the best quality and so I was so excited when it was walking through target and noticed that they sold portable hunter fans. I had never known they had this product. My husband and I need a fan on at night for the noise to help us sleep and so we immediately bought one. The tabletop model is a bit pricey for a fan but unlike the others available it's not cheap plastic and can easily be taken apart to clean. This is a great feature because our previous fan had finally died from all the dust buildup. This fan looks like quality as well. It has a nice continuous sound with no rattling. It gives great airflow and really helps the circulation in the room. We keep one in our daughters room as well and she sleeps through the night so I will call that a success! We have had two of these fans for almost 3 years and both have held up wonderfully and we have had zero problems.




Hunter fans are great products!


I just bought this fan several weeks ago.  I paid double what most other table fans cost.  However, we are huge fans of hunter fans. Tha is all we use in our house as they are quiet, easy to install and durable.  Also, they tend to look good.  That is what sold me on this table fan.  I love the brushed nickel retro feel of this fan.  It looks so much better than the cheap plastic fans.  I will say that i an a little disappointed because when the fan is on, as it rotates, it makes a whining sound.  Its not objectionable, but it's not what I have come to expect in a Hunter fan.  It cools the room quickly.  We have it in our media room which is above the garage.  So it's hot and then we have all the electronic equiptment, which also heats up the room.  The kids like the fan because it is easy to move and lightweight. I think this is a product that we will enjoy for many years to come.  We have always been very happy with the superior quality that you find in Hunter products. Air Flow Plenty of speed setting to make everyone happy. Ease of Use Its lightweight and therefore, very portable which my kids love. Durability Despite having kids in the house, the fan is still in one piece. Design So much better looking than the classic white or black plastic fans. Looks great and modern no matter where you put the fan.


Brandon, MS


Beautiful Hunter Fan


I researched this fan while looking for a table fan for my husband's nightstand. He has to have a fan and the noise to sleep well. I wanted something that would be attractive in our bedroom. I found the Hunter fan and thought it would be perfect, based on the positive reviews. The fan is very attractive, sturdy and quite heavy for a fan. The fan tilts up and it also oscillates. After about a month, the fan motor started making a tiny noise when it oscillated at a certain point. We have gotten used to this and it is not an issue and does not affect the performance of the fan. I love the way the fan looks, and although at first I thought the fan was a bit pricey, I am now glad that I decided to spend the extra money on the Hunter table fan. The brushed nickel is easy to keep clean, just by wiping with a dust cloth and it doesnt seem to attract much dust. The controls on the bottom make the fan easy to control even in the dark.


Texarkana, TX


the hunter fan 90021 century table fan is great


i like the hunter fan 90021 century nickel table fan alot. I use it on my desk whem im at work. Its a breath of fresh air when the weather gets hot. It has several settings and i love the fact its not big and bulky its just the right size. Its also very reliable and dependable the cord is long enough for you to move it to different locations. i would recommend this hunter fan to all my family and friends. As we go into the summer months and the weather warms up this fan will be well worth the money i live in the desert and it gets very hot here and i have several of these fans and i love each one of them i could not get thew the summer without them and its saves me money on my energy bills in the summer months. We all will enjoy the use of one of these fans. i also like the sturdy medal construction and the attractive brushed nickel finish it oscilates and tilts and has three speeds and works like a champ


Lancaster, CA


Hubbies Pal


I purchased a Hunter Fan 90021 Century- Nickel brushed Table Fan for my husband. He has 2 in his garage now. After the first one he went and bought himself another one. It is very durable, and blows a great deal of air. His garage has no air condition, or sir circulation, so this hunter fan was perfect. He loves them. It is a very durable heavy duty product, and seems to be holding up great even with the humidity out doors. I am looking into purchsing a larger version of the same type of fan if i can locate them. they were not too expensive, and I am sure he will have them for years to come. My brother doesn't know it yet, but he is getting one for his birthday. He does alot of work in his garage also. Oh and with fathers day coming up i think it would be the perfect gift for my dad. maybe for your fathers too, so now you don't have to worry about what to get them , in my opinion this would be great , a gift that would actually be loved and used!


Middleburg, FL


Century Fan (Brushed Nickel): Quiet fan with cool retro styling


The Hunter Fan 90021 Table Fan in Brushed Nickel Fan is a great table fan. It's incredibly quiet, has three speed settings, and can rotate or remain stationary. It works well and looks really great too-if you have to have a fan in your home or office, this one doesn't make your space look chintzy (like an office from the 80s) It has a heavy, solid base and the brushed nickel finish is soft (not overly shiny and doesn't show finger prints) and has a retro-cool appeal. It's fits into a modern or traditional decor without looking gimmicky. The fan's size provides a strong breeze, but the fan overall isn't overwhelmingly large. Overall, it's a good quality, visually appealing piece of equipment that looks like an accessory rather than a necessity. It's also a good price-a sturdy fan that looks like something much more delicate and expensive. A good buy for repeated office use where several are needed.


San Francisco, CA


The perfect fan for a small room or work area.


The Hunter Fan 90021 Century Brushed Nickel Table Fan is the perfect little fan for any small room or work area. We keep one at bedside that runs during the night and aids in perfect, comfortable sleep. I have one in my sewing room as well and love that I can control the temperature in my work space/area without having to make the rest of the house too cool or too warm. It fits in with any decor. It is lightweight which allows it to be moved from room to room. We have taken ours with us on vacations for extra cooling in hotel rooms. It's the perfect little fan. And priced reasonably. The front area covering the fan has perfect coverage area... so if you have little ones or pets, you do not have to worry about safety issues. The bottom base is heavy and keeps the fan well balanced when placed on flat surfaces. It also has a nice nonslip grip so you do not have to worry about it slipping.


Mobile, AL


Hunter Fan Century Nickel Brushed Nickel Table Fan

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