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Hunter Fan CareFree Plus 2.2 Gallon Humidifier

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Hunter Humidifier


My husband bought this humidifier because our newborn daughter had dry skin and a really stuffy nose. The doctor suggested we try the humidifier to help her breath better. It has actually worked. This humidifier is easy to use and doesn't take up too much space. It is easy to add the water and has three settings for your own preference. It is also reasonably priced and the fact that you don't have to worry about changing a filter is excellent. With any other humidifier you have to try to figure out when a new filter is needed and it is often easy to forget. We haven't had this product for long, so I can't review the durability and life span, but so far it is working great. I would definitely recommed this to families with small children!

Springfield, MO


A great little machine for extra humidity


I have a whole house humidifier attached to my furnace, but it still isn't enough on many nights to keep my house at a satisfactory humidity, especially in my bedroom.  This inexpensive, but helpful, machine has solved my problem.  When I turn it on at night, it keeps my bedroom at a much higher humidity level than my furnace alone.  This is important because I suffer from dry eyes and dry skin.  My doctor recommended a room size humidifier and this model has worked great.  I can now sleep more comfortably and wake up without a dry throat or uncomfortable eyes.  It operates at 3 speed settings which allows for individual variations.  It also has a nite glo feature, which can be used as a night light.  However, I find it annoying and keep it off.  Probably good, though, if being used in a child's room.  The fan can be a bit noisy at higher settings, but it is a steady sound and blocks out noises from the street.  I have a hard time sleeping without it when the warmer weather makes it unnecessary.  The tank refills easily from any faucet and generally lasts two nights.  I only have to clean it once a year.

Detroit, MI


POS Bought Twice Lasted One Season Both Times


Piece of crap. Worked fine for one season. Both units started to fail in first season making noise well beyond acceptable then seizing up entirely. Customer Service is non-existent. Impossible to warranty. Don't buy it. We've had our 2 gallon Holmes humidifier with the replaceable filter for 10 years and it has ran everyday overnight without issue. Buy a Holmes.

Anderson, SC


Was good while it lasted...


I really liked this product.  It was easy to fill; no spills or disasters.  However, it only lasted one winter.  My cheaper, unattractive, hard to clean humidifier from another manufacturer lasted much longer.

Lincolnton, NC


Hunter Care Free Plus Humidifier is THE BEST humidifier!


The Hunter Fan Care Free Plus humidifier is such an amazing humidifier.  The filters never have to be replaced, which is fabulous!  You never have to wonder when to change them, what kind you need to buy, or worry about how much money you're putting out for frequent filter changes.  This saves time, money, and aggravation. This is considered a cool mist humidifier, but if you put your hand over the opening while it is running, it won't get your hand wet.  I'm not sure the technology behind it, but it really works!  When my daughter has a stuffy nose, we turn it on and it takes care of the dry area issue in no time. The Hunter Fan Care Free Plus humidifier also has a night light that lights up the water reservoir with a pretty blue color.  It has a quiet motor, that you will never notice.  And it might even help put you to sleep! Overall, I would recommend the Hunter Fan Care Free Plus humidifier to anyone looking for quality at a great price!

Audubon, NJ


Hunter Fan CareFree Plus 2.2 Gallon Humidifier

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