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Hunter CareFree Humidifier Plus With NiteGlo

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Good humidifier if you take care of it


This. Humidifier works well. It has permanent wick that is made of expanded metal. The fan motor also runs a small water pump that circulates the water over the wick making it pretty efficient. To keep it running more than a year you must change the water regularly, about every two weeks. This must be done because the minerals build up and tend to corrode the wick because it is expanded aluminum. The one drawback to this humidifier is that water tends to be entrained in the flow through the wick and causes corrosion of the fan motor. The motor is not very accessible to clean and lubricate. So changing the water quite regularly will cut down on the corrosion of the motor. Be sure to keep you receipt and registering for the warranty makes it easier to get a replacement. Check the operation the next season before 1 year is up. Most likely the fan will have frozen due to corrosion. They will readily replace within a year. We've had three of these in the family, either exact or similar model without light or humidistat. All have been replaced Performance Good because of water being pumped over wick. Ease of Cleaning Wick and bottom reservoir can go in dishwasher Durability Rarely got more than two years. Get a replacement within a year.

Hinckley, OH


Works great..... for a while!


I was only able to give the Hunter Humidifier three stars because it didn't last long enough for the price we paid for it. We bought it about three years ago and the first winter it worked wonderful! You could tell the difference in the dryness of the air and the way our bodies felt each morning. We didn't have scratchy throats when we woke up in the mornings! However, at the end of that first winter, we went to clean it. It was filthy! It was absolutely terrible to clean. Some of the parts are impossible to get in and clean them well. We soaked it in bleach, but it still had gross stuff on it. We continued to use it the following winter and it was about the same. But then this past winter is broke about half way through. It just stopped working! We will be buying another humidifier for next year, but I think we'll try a different brand. Overall I would recommend a humidifier, but try to get one with a warranty!

Shermans Dale, PA


The Hunter Humidifier works, but doesn't necessarily last.


The Hunter Care Free Humidifier will keep the humidity in any room at anywhere from 30 to 50%.  It is indeed easy to maintain, just needing to be cleaned with vinegar and water once a season.  The cleaning process itself takes about an hour, but you can buy tablets to use instead if you choose.  They really do add humidity to the room and are reasonably priced. They have a few drawbacks, however.  We have had to replace several of the humidifiers because the digital humidity display either didn't work from the moment of purchase or quit working.  The PermaFilter isn't really permanent.  Even though we have maintained both of our humidifiers properly, after about 3 years of use the filters are melding together, where there should be holes between webbing.  We are going to have to replace both of them.  We also recently had the motor burn out on one of our humidifiers.  It was under warranty, and the company replaced it, but we had to pay postage to ship our old humidifier.

Denver, CO


It's not Care Free, but it's less maintenance than most


I get a little annoyed with humidifiers that state they are "care free".  I don't think there is such a thing.  Even if you don't have to replace or clean a filter, anything that has water standing in it I believe will get water buildup deposits that should be cleaned. Which is what I found with this Hunter "Care Free" Humidifier Plus.  Yes, I don't have to replace filters which is nice, but the slimy deposits left by the water in the tank and tray still have to be clean out.  I usually end up having to do this weekly, and the thing is so big that I usually end up doing it in the bathtub so I don't make a mess. However, I do like the size just because of the capacity to hold enough water to not have to constantly replace the water daily.  We only use ours at night in the kids room.  It is a bit noisier than some, so we keep it on low (3 settings total) which is more than ample for the size of bedroom they are in, and its actually nice that way because it doubles as a fan noise which my kids have to have to sleep.  Unlike other humidifiers I have used, this one is pretty good about not leaking water when you take the tank off or put it back on, although when you do clean it, carrying the tray around with water in it, sometimes can get a bit messy and lead to spills. So far this is the best humidifier I've found, but its still got a lot of things I would change if I could.  Someday I hope they really can make a "care free" version.  Until then I'll stick with this one.

Post Falls, ID


these are TERRIBLE!!!!


I purchased three of the Hunter care free humidifiers begining of last fall.  One for each bedroom! None of them made it thru the whole season! I had the company replace two and send me new ones and still did not have a humidifier the entire fall and winter!  So basically I went through 5 of these in less then 6 months!  I followed the manual correctly and did all necessary cleaning and maintence!  They all just quit, randomly! I am so dissappointed and am now researching new ones!!!

Loop, TX


No filter to change. AWESOME!


I love, love, love this humidifier. We have several different ones, and this one is my fav by far. The worst part about the humidifiers is not only changing the flters, but spending all that money on them. This humidifier is filterless and awesome! It also lasts about 24hrs and turns itself off when it's out of water!!!!

Little Rock, AR


Unless you're going to clean it every week, don't bother.


I had this model for 2 years.  I threw it out at the end of last winter when I tried every suggested cleaning tactic to clean the filter and the tubes inside to no avail.  I even tried to replace the permawick filter w/ a disposable filter but none fit.  Unless you have the time and energy to fully clean this at least once a week, I wouldn't bother with this model, it gets NASTY inside.

Clinton, MA


Hunter CareFree Humidifier Plus With NiteGlo

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