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Humphrey's Teething Relief Strips

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better than the pellets


I bought the humphreys teething pellets to try when my baby was teething and inside the package was a sample of the teething strips. I liked the strips better because I didn't have to try and dissolve them in water and then get my baby to take it. Just place a strip on baby's tongue and it will dissolve in the mouth. The strips seemed to calm my baby down and worked better than the pellets or the orajel that I tried. I do now know how these compare for cost as I didn't buy them and only had a couple of sample ones to use. However my baby did stop fussing when he took these strips. If givin the choice between orajel, pellets, or these I would choose these strips. That being said, I prefer teething drops over the strips. I have found 2 teething drops that work well. Boiron - Camilia Teething drops and Gentle Naturals Homeopathic teething drops. The Camilia ones seem to be a little pricy but work great. The Gentle Naturals once I used exclusively when my 3 year old was a teething baby but was unable to find in stores. You can order the gentle naturals ones online though. ****


Phoenix, AZ


Humphrey's Teething Relief Strips

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