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Huion 8 ExpressKey Graphics Drawing Tablet

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Amazing value


This tablet is a great value, easily comparable to more expensive tablets. The buttons on the side can take some getting used to but I like that interface better than having them as part of the tablet you have to access with the pen itself, and the amount of drawing space is very nice, large. The pressure is excellent, nice clear lines and good response to the pen itself. I've used this as an improvement to my old Wacom Bamboo and I like it far better, for a fraction of the cost you would pay for most other tablet models. No real lag issues and it hasn't stalled my laptop so it has ran well. The drivers sometimes fail but I've had that problem with any tablet really. It can be hard to install at first though, you have to read the directions carefully. Overall all though it's a great value for the price and a good tablet that measures up well to most of the other brands out there. Battery Life No external battery, runs off computer battery through USB, so no real battery life to deal with.



Huion 8 ExpressKey Graphics Drawing Tablet

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