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Eau de Toilette
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Essential Eau De Toilette 2.5oz spray

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all my son-in-law will wear


I think this is a wonderful fragrance, its young and kind of a take charge scent. I think the name is appropriate and it draws young men in with that title but it keeps them with the scent. It is long-lasting and distinctive it smells like success. I bought a large bottle for my son-in-law for CHRISTmas, he didn't ask but I knew he was running low and it is pricey compared to the cheap scents available. I know his wife loves it and I also knew she was buying him body by Jake tower 200 for CHRISTmas and not Hugo so I decided to be nice and buy a large bottle to last a while. I like the scent to although I am older and the scents I prefer are more old-fashioned.  I find some of the newer scents offensive, even intolerable, I find this one to be an exception.I guess you could say its a scent you don't tire of and most people would enjoy and I can reccomend it to anyone without reservations. Enjoy!

South Glens Falls, NY


My favorite EVER


My husband went through a ton of colognes to try to find one that I liked. I have a very sensitive nose so I felt like all of them were so overpowering that they were stinky. Then we happened upon Hugo boss. I LOVE it. It is strong enough that you smell it and it smells SO good that I can't help be snuggle up close to him when he is wearing it.  I will say that you should try this before you buy it though. Hugo boss has always been my favorite so each boyfriend I had I would request he purchase some. WEll it smells differently on different people. I had one boyfriend whose chemistry did not mix with Hugo boss at all and I wanted to throw up everytime he wore it because it was this nasty smell. It really does smell different depending on who is wearing it so go out and try a sample and make sure it mixes well with you before you go purchase the large bottle and then get angry at your girl for wasting your money :)

Goodlettsville, TN


Love that Hugo on my Man!


I buy Hugo for my husband most often.  While I like a few other brands, Hugo seems to be the one I prefer,  The cost is starting to come down but I woulf still pay 50.00 or more for it.  It smells so nice!

Sadler, TX


Hugo Boss Essential Eau De Toilette 2.5oz spray

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