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Hughes Net

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Not what we were told


We live in an rural area, and because of this we sought a higher speed internet other than the line internet we had. We talked with a representative of Hughes net and was told that they have a great internet and would more than double the speed of what we have. So we sign up and they installed seemed to be ok not as fast as we thought it would be. Next day the rain starts, and signal goes out stays out most of the day. When we finally got signal we try to stream over TV and it would come and go program start and stop now rain starts again so we loose signal. I called Hughes Net and their Tech said it was weather related so he told me to wait another day. So in mean time we have no internet. This goes on for several days so I called and told them I was not getting what I was told so I wanted to cancel after some hassle they finally agreed. So if you are looking for fast internet look elsewhere they do not deliver in on that.


Elberta AL


I would give it a zero if I could.


This company is terrible. I had this for just about a month, my internet would not work since day one....I called almost a dozen time to "Trouble shoot" and nothing still. Although they say the connection was fine on their end 🤔 I requested that a technician come to the house and they tried charging me. Now I am currently on the phone with them.....waiting for 30 min to talk to a manager. It's a joke but actually it's on me because they will NOT refund my money as promised for no service.


Parma mi


Highly NOT recommened


We have been customers of Hughes net for two years. Regardless of what speed they tell you that you have it is extremely slow. I can't even do my insurance course do to lagging videos or videos that won't load. We got this as part of the Dish package. The two year price guarantee doesn't include Hughesnet. They jacked up the price to about $84 dollars after the first year. On top of that, I just had to have a 33 minute conversation just to cancel. Ridiculous!!


Branson, MO


This company has the worst service


I've this for over a year and I STILL cannot use it cause it sucks so bad. I have to turn WiFi off on my phone just to get on the internet. They've given me nothing but the run around. Had technicians out, done the tech support thru the phone and now they wanted to come change out al my equipment today, but they were a no show. Not that I really think at this point that it would have made a difference, but WHY CANT THEY JUST LET ME OUT OF THE CONTRACT WHEN THEY, OVER HALFWAY THRU IT STILL CANNOT PROVIDE ME WITH WHAT I WAS PROMISED. I've never dealt with such incompetent service in my life!


Owensville, IN


I would not recommend to anyone.


I had Hugh's net for year. You could not stream any movies or use more then one device. Would freeze many times.


Bloomfield New York


Horrible Service


If I could give them a negative score, I would. To begin, there installer, Raul, brought his 14 year old child with him. Perhaps, this is why he neglected to inform us of the band width restrictions. First week, a minute and eight second video took 35 mins. to watch. Customer Service is terrible. They offered no solutions. One told me if I got up at 2:00am the internet would be faster then. I personally think they were dishonest in their representation. 24 MG uploads promised however speeds never got above 4 MG on my numerous speed test. Worst internet service I have ever had.


Odessa, TX


I would recommend this service


Very fast internet my son uses it for school and I use it for work! Love it




Dont waste your money and time with Hughes Net


I was lured in by the unlimited data and 50bps speed. Only to find that there are limitations on times at that speed. Hughes Net installer also stated I could work from home using VPN connection. Hughes Net technical support states that VPN connection will not work with and that the installer is not affiliated with Hughes Net. I certainly didn't hire the guy to install their junk equipment. They will not stand behind their service and have horrible support. It is worth the termination fee to get out from under this. NEVER let your friends, family, or neighbors get internet from this company.


Mt Pleasant, MI


Run...run as fast as you can


Don't waste your time or your money with these crooks. They would not cancel my boyfriend's account and they continued to draft money out of my boyfriends account. They stole almost $700 and refused to give it back. They lied and would not, nor did they cancel his account. They said he never called to cancel and that they had the right to take the money. He called them in April and then again in September of 2018 and they ignored his cancellations and kept stealing from him. His bank won't give him his money back either and we have prof that he canceled because he signed up with Harris Broadband and was paying them. Hughesnet has terrible customer service, they are twice to 3 times higher in price than anyone else, the speed is terrible, you don't get your money's worth, and they are crooks.


Brownwood, Tx


Hughes Net Biggest rio off


HUGHES NET THIS IS ALL A LIE Built-in Wi-Fi Be ready to recover page many times Connect multiple wireless devices at home (lie). You'll have peace of mind knowing that your system features the latest in Wi-Fi standards and technology (dual-band 802.11ac). Delivers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for incredible speeds and excellent coverage (lie). Set up separate guest Wi-Fi for visitors to keep your home network more secure. Monitor data usage and track Wi-Fi performance Yes! HughesNet Gen5 is available from coast to coast in the U.S. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky. Visit our Coverage Areas page to learn more! Yes, you can use Skype and Netflix with our Gen5 service, but be sure to continue to monitor your monthly Service Plan Data with the Usage Meter. It's important to remember that your home is approximately 22,000 miles away from the HughesNet satellite in space. In order to minimize the delay that comes from having data travel back and forth over such a vast distance, your modem uses advanced acceleration techniques. About all thats is true with these adds are hughes net satellite is 22,000 away I did this upgrade and its a lie because all plans have same speed Get Higher Speeds and Greater Download Capacity Enjoy faster Internet speeds and greater download capacity when you upgrade your HughesNet service plan. New, improved plans available in certain geographic areas. I have had it after 5 months of running out of data, most of my data used waiting for buffering on you tube and ruku. It's impossible to call, your wait time is forever then you get someone you cant understand from India or somewhere else. Hughes net is about as fast as dial up. Plenty of free buffering. I've had it with this is a total rip off and I plan on turning in a report to B.B.B I have already paid over 400.00 since I got this awful service. I will return the equipment via usps but dont expect one more penny from me, your company has broken the agreement so many times,


Tucson Az.


Hughes Net

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