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Huggies Unscented Baby Wipes Travel Pack

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I Love the Travel Pack


I love the Huggies baby wipes travel pack. It is one of the most useful things for a new baby. I had a couple decorative travel wipe boxes made by another brand, but they didn't  work as good is the plain white huggies box because I had trouble getting them to stay closed. It only comes with 16 wipes in it, but I buy the regular size containers of wipes and refill the travel container everyday. It would be great if the box held a few more wipes, but for my purposes it has worked great. I like the Huggies wipes themselves too. They seem to be a great product. Sometimes Hugges puts out coupons for the refill packs, so that helps out with the cost. I have only seen the travel pack in white so I'm not sure if they come in other colors, but a hot pink one to match my diaper bag would be cool! I think this product has been around for many years, but as a young mom I didn't realize how important it was until I had to start taking my baby to a sitter everyday.

Rutherfordton, NC


Nice size for purse


I have mixed feelings about this product.  First, the negative things:  I was not happy with the quality of the wipes.  I mean, they got the 'job' done, but it seemed like they would fall apart as I was wiping.  Also, they were not very moist, so it would take a lot of them to clean anything.  And since there are only 16 in the package, I was always worried that I would be out and about and need to change more than one diaper, especially if one was particularly messy, and then I wouldn't have enough.  However, now for the positive:  I liked how small and slim the carrying case is.  It fit so well in my purse or bag when I would go out.  It didn't get in the way when I would try to find something in the purse.  It fit in diaper changing cases because it was so slim.  Also, it's great for afterwards when you want a small carrying case for lids or things for your toddler to play with in the car.

Rexburg, ID


Huggies Unscented Baby Wipes Travel Pack

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