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Huggies Liquid Powder

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I thought that **Huggies Liquid Powder would be a great product. I thought that it would make a much smaller mess, get tipped over less, and an all around good idea.** **Boy was I wrong about that. :( **Huggies Liquid Powder was a mess to put on my children. It is a thick paste almost and transfering it from the bottle to the babiies bottom was messy. Unlike regular powder where you sprinkle on babies bum, you have to put this on your hands and then on babies bottom. For me, it just added two more steps to changing diapers . . . putting it on m yhands and then washing my hands to get the extra off.**** **Also when the **Huggies Liquid Powder dried it would dry in clumps. It was never powdering and airy like regular powder is. When I would change my babies next dipaer it was just sitting in clumps in the crevices of his skin.**** **I truly don't think **Huggies Liquid Powder did the job of a baby powder at all. It is just messy and clumpy.****


Wayne, MI


great for babys and adults anyone in the house could use this.


I would have to say the liquid powder is not so great for infants it will all so stay on your hands so don't ware black. I used it on my 4.5 years old twins and my 10 month son. found it best on the oldest two.  I also found if your feet sweat it is good to put on before your socks. all in all I liked this product.


Fayetteville, NC


Never try it!


I thought this would be a great product. Good idea - a powder in a liquid form. No powder dust flying everywhere, no more sneezing, but NO! This product cakes up and you never know how much to use - it always ends up being too much!


Fort Mitchell, AL


Huggies Liquid Powder

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