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Huggies Hair and Body Baby Wash

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great relaxing wash for babies young and old


I recently purchased a bottle of Huggies baby wash for hair and body. I have used sevral other washes in a lavender scent and they all smelled harsh and synthetic. Huggies brands of hair and body washes smell very natural. I enjoy bathing my child in this wash as much as I think they enjoy being bathed I it. It gives us both a calm clean feeling and the wash doesn't irritate any of babies delicate parts and is of course tear free which is great for children who enjoy splashing. This wash rinses clean with no soapy residue. Its great for babies of all ages. It can be use as a hair and body wash so less bottles to deal with and is sold at a fair price. Lathers quickly and doesn't have a harsh scent. Is great for first time parent's and safe for newborns. Easy to find in most stores and has a satisfaction guarantee. Performance Great rinses clean leaves a fresh light scent on skin and hair Scent Refreshing calming lavender scent

Coronado, CA


nothing to rave about really, but it's fine


As I said about Baby Magic, Huggies Hair and Body Baby Wash is "everything you need a baby wash to be." However as far as the "mainstream" baby bath products go, this is honestly my least favorite one. I don't say that because it's irritating to the skin, or ineffective, or anything like that. I just think it's kind of boring. Lavender has never been my favorite scent, but even among lavender scented products this one doesn't smell very good. It's like watered down lavender. It REALLY mild, which some people probably prefer, but I like a stronger scent to keep me interested in a product. (And no one in my family has ever had a skin reaction to any soaps or bath products, so that's not really an issue for me). The packaging is boring, the label is unattractive, and there's nothing about the product itself that sets it apart from cheaper store brands enough to justify my choosing it or spending more money for it. Performance It works fine, but nothing to make it stand out Scent Not much to speak of



Simply amazing


I love all Johnson's products. I used both this and the bath time was for my son and he fell asleep almost instantly after bath and getting the lotion on. I think this product is simply amazing. It's not for those with sensitive skin. My husband couldn't bathe or rub this scent on my son. He also couldn't hold him after he used this his skin would itch really bad. I am not sure if it was just him but I have never know him to have an allergy to any skin products or soaps so I found this strange. It is a strong scent so it might be related to that? My son was a newborn however and had no reactions to this product. I have gifted it at baby showers and passed on the word to other mommies I truely believe in this product. The smell lasts almost all night and sometimes into the morning leaving babies smelling clean! I would recommed this product to others and will continue to use with future children!

Chattahoochee, FL


Smells so good!


I really love the smell of lavender, and even grow some around my home.  But often lavendar-fragranced baby products just don't smell quite right.  This one smells perfect.  It's warm and fresh and smells like cuddling.  Well, that's what it smells like to me, anyway.  I love to use this on my baby boy.  It gets him clean, doesn't bother his skin at all, and then everyone in the family wants to cuddle him and breathe in his lavender yumminess.  Of course at 10 months old, he's into everything and not especially big on cuddling.  So it cleans quickly, and rinses out easily, which are also big plusses.  I also like that the lid is the kind that you push down to open up the other side for dispensing.  I can do it with one hand, and there's no flip-top lid to break off when (inevitably) he grabs it from me and knocks it in the tub or out onto the bathroom floor.  I've tried other lavender baby washes, but this is the one I come back to.

Tenino, WA


Smells Wonderful - Great feel!


Huggies Calming Touch Wash for Hair & Body in Lavendar & Chamomile is a great bath wash. I find it to be very affordable and it lasts such a long time. My son is almost a year old and takes weekly - or sometimes bi-weekly - baths and we are still on the first bottle (15 fl.oz.)! This wash has good sudsing ability, so I can see where I am putting it. I also like the fact that it is an "all-in-one", so I am not searching for a body wash and a shampoo. I can start at the head, end up at the toes, and know that my son is clean from top to bottom. It leaves his hair nice and soft, not greasy or matted. It is tear-free, so when I am scrubbing his head I don't have to worry about the stray bit getting in his eyes and making him cry or turning his eyes red. The Lavendar & Chamomile sent is very pleasant and is "calming", which is great when my son takes his bath before bed. It is soothing and helps him sleep better. The wash says you can also pour it into a warm bath, so I would guess it would work like a bubble bath, but I have never used it that way. This is a wash that I would highly recommend. Long lasting, great price, and great scent!

Grandville, MI


Huggies Hair and Body Baby Wash

4.8 5