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Huggies Care Baby Wipes Refill, Shea 208 Pack

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Mediocre comparatively to other leading brands


I started using Pampers wipes first. One day, we needed a refill and got these wipes from Huggies. Let me say, Huggies wipes, in general, are not nearly as easy to work with as the other leading brands. It's not that they aren't very thick and pretty soft, or that they don't smell good, because they really do. That is most definitely the difference between those and the ones I like so much better. It's that every stinking time either my husband or I go to pull one out, it rips! Every single time! (Which I presume is mostly because of the thickness and the texture.). BUT The last thing someone with two baby feet and probably an unhappy flailing baby needs is a bunch of ripped up pieces of wipes to work with. Two thumbs down overall...although I do have some on hand for emergency use. I correct myself, four thumbs down, inputs my husband. But they smell nice...still not worth all the ripping.



Huggies Care Baby Wipes Refill, Shea 208 Pack

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