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Huffy Disney Princess 12" Girls Bike

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Great first bike for a little princess!


We purchased this bike for our 3-year old as a first bike and have been very happy with it. It is a perfect size for a 36" kid, very sturdy, and easy for her to pedal, not to mention that she loves that each of the Disney Princesses is pictured on it! One caveat would be that the streamers fall out easily and the Princess carriage attachment is a little flimsy, but nothing that affects the performance or safety of the bike.

Clarksville, TN


Princess stickers came off =(


Really, what's the point of paying a premium for a Disney Princess bike when the cheap stickers with the princesses' pics come off within a couple of weeks?? And mind you, my daughter didn't really get a chance to ride her bike all that much, so it's not like there was a whole lot of wear and tear that made the stickers start to come off. So disappointing. It still serves its purpose as a bike, but I could have paid half the price for that.



Not very quality construction for a Huffy.


We bought this bike for our daughter when she turned two. It turned out that 2 years old was a but young to teach her to pedal, but she loved the princess water bottle and bag on the front of the bike. And she loved the tassels on the handlebars. She finally learned to ride it when she was three and loves to ride (as most kids do). However, the construction of the bike is very cheap and poorly made. The fork that holds the front wheel was welded uneven. This causes the front wheel to ride a little tilted. It isn't a huge problem, but it does make her more likely to tip over around corners. It is especially frustrating that it is a problem with the welding, there is nothing we can do to fix is at this point. Overall, the styling is very cute, our daughter has loved the princess theme. The bag on the front is cheap and tore off not too long after she started riding. Also, she's already grown out of the 12" tires, and she just turned four. I would recommend skipping the 12" size altogether and going straight to the 16" tires. We're getting her another Huffy, but I'm going to be much more critical of the construction before we take it out to ride.

Henderson, NV


Huffy Disney Princess 12" Girls Bike

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