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Huffy 26-in. Men's Stone Mountain Bike

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This Huffy 26-in. Men's Stone Mountain Bike is such a cool bike!


This bike rides smoothly & is great for taking on nature trails or on hikes.  It is built sturdy, handles well on rough terrain & is made in a nice color & style.  Comfortable seat & speeds.  LOVE it!! Would definately recommend to others!!

Rio Vista, CA


POOR, Go to a bike shop.


Do not buy from a department store. Buy a name brand from a bicycle shop. Examples: Cannondale, Trek, Litespeed, Merlin....                                                                                                                                       

Winchester, VA


Like Pedaling A Tank


*A few years ago my "Made in the USA" Huffy got stolen. (sigh) Not knowing any better at the time, I went to K-Mart & bought this one to replace it.  What a mistake!  * *#1) It has a very uncomfortable seat which was soon replaced.  #2) It has a steel frame vs. aluminum frame. (much heavier) #3) It wouldn't shift properly from day one.  K-Mart couldn't and/or wouldn't do a thing.  So I went on-line to the Huffy web site and looked up how to adjust it myself.  #4) Going uphill was nearly impossible.  Even the slightest hill would mean **LOW GEAR**.* *Do yourself a favor and invest the extra bucks into one with an aluminum frame, a comfortable seat, and the gears to handle hills.  Don't waste your money on this one.*

Saint Louis, MO


Huffy 26-in. Men's Stone Mountain Bike

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