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Huawei Fusion 2 U8665 Smartphone

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not bad at all. Huawei Fusion 2 is one of interesting phone.


Huawei Fusion 2 is one of best phone.that it have a big endurance for chok. and also a compact form.so i think that phone is necessary for your professional work.this phone a really low price. Phone does not get heavy use, but it works great. Texting is easy, Internet access some times slow, screen difficult to see outside, even when "full brightness" is selected. This phone works as well as the high priced brands my friends use. It has a camera of low resolution built-in. Takes acceptable pics.This phone has two things that confused with it lost its call dialer instead it Skype dialing only.It is unlockable. Very easy just use your favorite search engine. It is fairly limited to what it can do compaired to other smart phones. You get what you pay for... I haven't had any problems with mine.



This is a great phone for a great price!


The phone would be better if it had a front camera, screen shot, and could take instagram videos. The phone does keep on freezing and not taking videos, and saying EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY and NO SIM CARD, when i have a brand new sim card. This is a great phone for kids starting out! I will get a upgrade but I will keep this phone as a backup. Battery Life My battery will stay green for a couple of days!



Huawei Fusion 2 U8665 Smartphone

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