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Huawei Ascend

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not the worst out there


this phone doesn't perform that well in some areas but does in others. for one, I already returned one to cricket for a bad ear speaker that crackled and popped. it's very laggy when you have a few things running on it. you will need a task killing app if you want it to function without locking up all the time. plus it randomly restarts itself all the time. especially annoying while in the middle of using the gps while driving. it loses everything you were doing. so beware of that fact if you are using it for something important like using it to take a credit card transaction or something like that. it will lose all your work too. but cricket's service is actually quite good. I drive to very remote areas in my state that are 50+ miles away from the interstates and i still have service along with 3g signals. the phone has very good reception for a cricket phone. I also have dropped it in the river and left it sit on the hood of my truck in the rain over night. and the phone still works just fine. I didn't expect that at all from such a cheap phone. all in all it's a good starter phone for a student. I wouldn't recommend it to someone for business use though. battery life seems to be on par with any smartphone. low. keep a charger with you wherever you go. you'll need it plugged in 75% of the time. Battery Life batteries are just too small for what the phones use in power. you want a small phone that's like a mini laptop, don't expect a long lasting battery. Display/Screen Quality screen is big enough for decent viewing. but if you have large fingers you'll have problems touching the right ones while typing. the swipe keyboard sucks. I prefer the use of the standard android keyboard.

cincinnati, OH


i totally love my phone


i love this phone it does more than i expected it to do. i have had it for 7 months and only one complaint and that is it gets hot when you talk alot and if you hang up when its hot you just have a hard time answering it again till it cools off which does not take but 2 or 3 min.

Middletown, OH


Rather Use My (Motorola) Razor


The phone works most of the time. The features randomly turn themselves off. I might have internet on and then look again and it is off. You back out of a search to your desktop screen. Open your browser the next day, if it's on, and find your last search page still. I turn the silence off and look again and it is on. You can't do 2 things at one time. If you are searching the Internet and a call comes in, you have to stop and wait for the call to go to voicemail or end or pick up the call. And, Lord, don't make a call to an automated system where you have to press numbers to respond (especially Cricket with their enter your birthdate requirement). You have to keep tapping the screen to unlock the number pad. The phone does not work well with bluetooth, hands-free. You have to handle the phone to slide the bar to accept or decline the call. Doesn't quite work with any state law requirement to not handle your cell phone while driving. You have to press buttons to get the screen back on which may disconnect your call. Very frustrating and annoying phone. The options for the screen timeout are very short and limited: 10 minutes at the most and that is meaningless. The screen will blackout after a couple of minutes on a call and, again, you have to press a button to get the screen back up and may disconnect your call. If the Razor had a larger screen, I would have kept it for this service. I would not recommend this phone to someone who needs it to be truly hands-free on the phone calls.

Spring, TX


It works most of the time


i've had this phone for a few months now and i'm kinda frustrated. it cuts off when i try to do two things at once sometimes (which is quite frustrating when i'm using the navigation feature). another drawback i see (unless i just haven't figured out how to do this...) is to change the ringtone for text messages into something other than the pre-installed tunes. when it does work, i don't have too many complaints but...sometimes it takes a while to load and slow to react to touch commands. bottom line: if you can afford it, get a better android phone.

Troy, MI


Huawei Ascend is AWESOME!


I've had Cricket phone service for about two years. I started with their cheapest phone, which was actually one step DOWN from cans connected by string. No one could hear me, I couldn't hear anyone else, I missed half my calls because the phone never rang.... you know. then, a friend gave me an LG Chocolate - it was old, but a HUGE step up from what I had. I had that flashed to Cricket, and I LOVED it. I was so much better I could hardly believe it. Then, inevitably, it got wet and I had to get a new phone. With the budget I had, the rush I was in, and some weird naive trust in the Cricket store up the street, I got a refurbished KRZR that SUCKED IN EVERY WAY. I did adjust to it in time, but it was really a horrible phone. But because I've started needing to use my phone for business more and more, I decided it was time to invest in a GOOD one. And I wanted something that worked WITH my Cricket service, so I just got the best phone they have. It's the Huawei Ascend. It's an Android phone, and I'm so in love with this phone I can hardly talk about it. I've had it for about a week, and it's just the coolest thing under the sun. It works with google so my gmail account is automatically synched, it's got access to all the apps I want, it's got a great picture, it charges either by computer or wall socket.... what more can I say? My only complaint so far is that it's difficult to merge contacts - since my old phone didn't store email addresses and this phone synched with gmail, it created double contacts for anyone I had in my phonebook and separately in gmail. But I'm sure once I spend a little more quality time with it, I'll figure that out too. I LOVE THIS PHONE!!

Denver, CO


Huawei Ascend

3.4 5