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Houdini Lever Corkscrew Wine Opener

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Not happy with product


The diagram is so tiny I can't understand it and my eyes are fine. Why can't you make a bigger diagram so people can actually see it to figure this thing out.

North Syrfacuse, N.Y.

Wine bottle opening made easy!


I purchased this product uncertain if it would work and boy was I amazed! It is so simple and easy to use, no more fumbling with traditional corkscrew openers for me. The cork comes out in one piece and is easily removed. Ease of Use Extremely easy to use. Durability It is very durable. I have had it close to five years and it works just as well as the first time I used it. Design Effortless, smart design.

Wesley Chapel, FL


Really cool


I decided we need to get a better wine bottle opener when my friend and I spent over 30 minutes trying to get a cork out of this bottle and we hadn't even had a drop of alcohol yet. I mentioned our fiasco to another friend and she said I should check out the Hudini or the Rabbit. The Rabbit was too expensive for our casual use, so I went with the Hudini. When we used it, it was apparent why they call it the Hudini, because it is like magic. There is absolutely no effort involved, no more tugging and twisting. You simply put it on top of the cork, push up on the lever and then pull down and the cork comes out. To get the cork off you pull up and push down again and it falls right off. If you like to drink wine at least once a week, then this is the tool for you.

Lead, SD


love this thing


I recieved a houndini lever corkscrew opener as a gift and am so happy with this thing.What a smart idea.The old way I could never do so I had to get my husband to do it for me. No more.It is so easy im almost feel guilty.I have found different wines use differet corks and some are even rubber. Well no problem now. I liked it so much I brought one for each of my sisters and now they are on board with how easy it is. The only thing I think of that would be neat if they came up with a cool looking case to put it in.. Like maybe a neat cole to go with different kitchen or bar set.I even had my husband go out and buy me another one just so I had two.Crazy Huh? Maybe.but I dont know what it is but when you find a good and workable gaget you want everyone to know about it.

Euless, TX


easy to use


this lovely little tool makes wine opening so much more fun. now only if i had these when i had to learn how to open a bottle with a traditional corkscrew in school....maybe i could of skipped that class. i dotn have one myself but my parents do and i always go over there with bottles of wine to use the opener. i did try to take it once but my mom caught me and stopped me at her door and told me that was her favorite tool in the house and non one was allowed to take it. the opener is so easy to use that a elementary school studnet could use to open a bottle. i know some people still like to open it the traditional way with the traditional screw but this is so much easier to use. even if the cork is dry this opener has better luck trying to pull it out without breaking the cork and having tons of little pieces end up in your bottle. if you are a wine lover this is definitely a must have for your house.

Jersey City, NJ


Houdini corkscrew is not durable for the price


I owned one of the Houdini corkscrews as have a couple of my other relatives. All of our corkscrews broke within one year! The lever would no longer work which means the thing is useless. The Houdini corkscrews are quite expensive, and I'm annoyed that I spent the money for a product that did not last. (We open maybe 1-2 bottles of wine a week, so it wasn't even getting daily use.) When it was working, though, it did perform well. It is pretty effortless to get the cork out--I found it did a good job with corks that were old and maybe not in the best shape. It also helped with those synthetic corks which can really be in there tightly. However, for me it's just not worth the price. I think you'd be better off investing a little time practicing to use another kind of corkscrew--sounds like fun practice to me. :) But if you have limited mobility or strength, I can see how a Houdini-style corkscrew would be important. Just be prepared to not have it last as long as you would like!

Evanston, IL


Just buy it. It's amazing. The best one we ever owned...


Not much more I can say than in the title.  We drink a lot of wine and have owned a lot of devices to open wine bottles.  This is easily the best wine bottle opener I have ever seen.  Trust me; just buy one.  Easy to open, easy to take off the cork.  The engineer who designed this thing should get a medal.

Exton, PA


Works great!


I own a wine store and just bought the Houdini Lever Corkscrew Wine Opener to test! It. Is. Great. I would recommend it to any house wife that struggles with the original cork screw opener. This instantly does the job with little to no effort!  I just can't get over how easy this corkscrew is to use. Instead of having to pull the cork from the bottle, you use lever action to do all of the work for you. Since switching from a tradition corkscrew, I haven't had a single cork break or get stuck in the bottle. Also, since you need less of the 'screw' in the cork, I haven't had any cases where the corkscrew went through the entire cork, meaning no little bits of cork in the wine. The only thing I can think of to improve this product would be some way to secure the two handles for storage. They tend to stick out quite a bit, which takes up a lot of space and since they are spring loaded, if you close them and put them in a drawer they spring out and make getting it out of the drawer a challenge. I solved the problem by simply using a rubber band, but someone clever enough to come up with such an innovative design should be able to solve such a trifling problem.

Chicago, IL


Silver Houdini -love it but the right handle broke right off


I love my Houdini.  I was quite surprised when the right silver handle cracked right off in my hand.  I have searched for the maker as I would like to see if I can buy just that piece.  The foil cutter is great!  I don't need to buy the whole kit again.  I thought I could fix it but it snapped right off.

Dayton, OH


Need that glass of wine quick!! this gets the cork out in a flas


After a long day of work my wife and I love to enjoy a bottle of wine!! or two!! we recieve this wine opener as a gift. Since my wife suffers from hand and wrist pain she could never open a bottle with out my help.. now that we own this opener she has the bottle craked and breathing for us both to enjoy.. its simple and fast.. we both enjoy using it.

Auburn, CA


Houdini Lever Corkscrew Wine Opener

4.2 10