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Hotpoint Freestanding Gas Range

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Great product!


We are on a very tight budget with the economy the way it is,. All I need to do is Cook dinner! I do not require Bells and whistles! PERFECT! Most reliable product we have owned! Will probably buy another one!

Woodbine, NJ


Hotpoint-Ariston RGB524 Gas Range, love the spaceness of it.


**Hotpoint-Ariston RGB524 Gas Range is a very spacious range.  Unlike the average stoves this range gives you great work space and allows you the flexibility to actually cook four things at a time without crowding the stove.   The ****Hotpoint-Ariston RGB524 Gas Range**** is easy to clean and take apart.  All of the parts on the top part of the stove are easy to remove for cleaning.  There are underwires that help keep the top range up when cleaning underneath.  The top stove eyes come completely apart for easy cleaning and are just as easy to replace.  There is a vent on the top back portion of the stove for ventilation.  The oven is so large that you can cook a large turkey in it.  There are two separate racks that comes out easily allowing you to adjust your cooking for the larger items.  It is great for cooking cakes.  Its cooking range allows you to cook at a slow pace or at a speedier pace.  There are temperature ranges from wm=warm to broil, giving you the flexibility of differences in heating and cooking.          **

Newnan, GA


Hotpoint Freestanding Gas Range

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