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Hotpoint Electric Range

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Not the best, not the worst


This is not the best oven range out there but it does cook your food. The one thing I did notice about the stove is that it cannot stand a lot of high heat over a period of time. I like to cook and I don't get to cook as often as I would like to cook but every time I do cook on this stove, it seems to take a lot of wear on the burners. You have to be a bit careful with the oven because the racks do not always go back all the way. Sometimes the oven door doesn't go down far enough when you open it and are taking something out of the oven (I have gotten my hand burnt a couple of times because of that and also the closeness of the racks). Food seems to cook super fast in this and at other times food doesn't get cooked all the way. Temperature Control It is easy to set the temperature but the hot get way too hot to quickly. Heat Distribution I think the heat distribution could be better in the oven. Durability I think it could have been made better, it is not as stable as it could be. Design The design is alright but I don't feel it has enough space. Ease of Cleaning I really only had problems cleaning the burners. Be careful when you left the top of the stove up, it is not very stable.



Attractive and reliable, Hotpoint's RB755 Range is a winner!


The GE Hotpoint stove that sits in our kitchen was bought and installed in May of 1998 - at least that's what's on the receipt tucked into the owner's manual. We didn't buy the house untill 2006, and it was here then, along with the refrigerator and the dishwasher. I don't come from a part of the world where kitchen appliances come with the house automatically, so I did wonder that someone would sell a house and leave perfectly good appliances behind. I've stopped worrying about it, though, because this Hotpoint stove is really excellent! The burners have variable controls similar to a gas stove, making getting just the right amount of heat easy. The oven is accurate, and it beeps when preheated to the desired temperature. It's a big oven, 5 cubic feet, and if I were younger and more agile, cleaning it might be easier. (I don't use the auto-clean feature because it takes some 5 hours and uses way too much electricity.) I do like the looks of this white oven with the black oven door and black instrument panel up behind the stove surface. The digital clock is easy to read and easy to set. This is the model RB755, very similar to the picture of RB753 posted in Viewpoints' catalog, in case you want to see what it looks like. A great appliance, one I'd buy again.

Penn Yan, NY


Hotpoint Electric Range

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