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Hotpoint Ariston Top-Freezer Refrigerator

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Hotpoint Ariston Top-Freezer Refrigerator keep food fresh/frozen


In our timeshare we have the Hotpoint Ariston Top-Freezer Refrigerator. I love the fact that we have a full-size fridge/freezer, as it is on the beach. It is in white, which matches the other appliances. The freezer has enough room for a week's supply of food that we bring with us. In the door we have room for Len's insulin, gallons of milk, tall 2 liter bottles of coke, and much more. Then I put salad and fruit in the bottom bins. On the rest of the shelves I put eggs, desserts, cans of fruit, and beetroot, cookies, chocolate, and our Brita water jug. Len makes up a 2 liter jug of sugar free lemonade, and that fits in too. We keep it on number 5, which is the middle setting. That keeps everything fresh, and cold, without it freezing. That has happened at other timeshares. We find it works great for us. Noise Level Because the timeshare is a small apartment, we can hear it, where ever we are in the unit. Interior Organization Plenty of space for everything we bring. Temperature Control Stays great on the middle setting. Ease of Cleaning I leave it to the housekeeping employees to take care of it. Durability It's been in our timeshare for years. Design It is plain, but what do you expect.


New Port Richey, FL


HOT hotpoint fridge


We are renters and the tiny fridge they had in our unit originally was just pathetic. One of those old fridges with the freezer box inside the fridge. barely any room. Well it finally broke {yay!} and they had this guy in storage and it is a whole new world let me tell you! This guy is huge compared to what we had (although not 'huge' in actuality). And it has a SEPARATE top freezer! The space works just fine for us as a family of two. While the shelves are 'adjustable' , you are still limited to how much you can adjust. We were able to make it work for us really well by switching the direction the door opens! I had no idea you could do that until my husband informed me we could indeed do that. Again, we are renters and take what we get, and our particular fridge is older and shows signs of wear, yet when we remember what we had we are most grateful for this luxury of a fridge! We have had no problems with it thus far :)


Grand Junction, CO


Hotpoint Ariston Top-Freezer Refrigerator

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