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Hotpoint-Ariston Top Freezer Commercial Refrigerator HTH16BBXR

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Simple, Standard & Energy Efficient Refrigerator for 1-2 People


This Hotpoint refrigerator (by GE) with top freezer is an Energy Star product and a very basic, efficient appliance for a small household. It is only 15.5 cubic feet so I would really only recommend this for a home with one-two people. We have four people (two adults & two children) in our house & this refrigerator does NOT have enough space for our needs. That being said, this is a good refrigerator. We keep the temperature setting right at the middle setting, which generally works quite well keeping the contents the right temperature (though I've noticed sometimes some items on the top shelf of the refrigerator get almost frosty). The freezer also keeps its contents just right at this setting with one exception: If I store ice cream on the freezer door, it tends to be a little soft compared to keeping the ice cream on the freezer shelves. My absolute favorite thing about the freezer is how fast it freezes ice cubes. I've never owned a refrigerator that made ice cubes this fast! I would buy it with more cubic feet for my family size if I could change anything about my purchase. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to buy a good, basic refrigerator that's energy efficient. Noise Level It is louder than I'd prefer at times, but not too loud. Interior Organization Very simple with few shelf adjustment options. Temperature Control Generally good. Ease of Cleaning Easy access to clean. Durability Sturdy construction. Design Very basic, but nice.


Mission Viejo, CA


Hotpoint-Ariston Top Freezer Commercial Refrigerator HTH16BBXR

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