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Hotpoint-Ariston HDA3400G 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

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This is an awful, awful "dishwasher"


I'm not going to say I'm good at doing dishes, because I am not. That's why I have a dishwasher. However, the dishes go in (rinsed, nothing hard on them, no sauces or egg) and come out filthy. (splotchy residue, sticky, greasy, stinky!) no matter how well I rinse, even if I put in dishes that are actually clean, they come out dirty. I have tried multiple different soaps and settings and nothing works. Noise Level Apart from the awful dish washing, it is very quiet. I can hear the tv and people in the living room over it easily. and even in the kitchen it's not all that loud. Cleaning Time It doesn't take too awful long to finish a cycle. Probably less time than it would take me to do the dishes. About as much time as it would take me to get them as clean as it does though. Loading Flexibility The utensil tray that comes with it is sad and pathetic. It is an odd shape that takes up a lot of the space on the bottom rack. The top rack is very close to the top of the dishwasher so only very small dishes will fit, then the bottom rack still doesn't have enough room for large knives, spatulas and whisks to fit in the utensil tray. It is very small and cannot fit baking sheets, large stew pots, woks, large strainers, serving dishes, large water bottles, and things like that. You cannot move the utensil tray to anywhere else in the dishwasher because there is not enough room. Performance No matter how well I wash, rinse, or soak nothing comes out clean. NOTHING! I have cleaned it with CLR, vinegar, lemon juice, dishwasher cleaners, I have cleaned out the traps and sprayers, the lining, the everything. Nothing makes this work. I always wash on high heat pots and pans with a pre-wash. I will put mostly clean dishes in and they come out greasy, sticky, and with this weird white splotchy residue (not soap scum, although they do get that too). We will wash cups that only had water in them, and they will come out with weird chunky gross crap in the bottom that is in there so good and stuck on so good that we have to soak them to get it out. I don't know where that could be coming from. Nothing on the top rack even gets remotely clean anymore. I don't even load the top normally now. I Design I guess the design is fine. The lock is in a good place, easy to lock. The dial is in a good place, easy to use. I don't like the buttons for choosing the cycles however. They are easy to push and change cycles when you don't want to Durability The inside around the lining gets moldy very easily, the bottom rack falls out all the time. And whatever has caused it to stop working couldn't have been very much.



It gets the job done.


It will get the job done but it's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Noise Level It's very loud and makes all sorts of clangy noises. I keep expecting to find my dishes and cups broken after it's done cycling. It hasn't happened yet though! Cleaning Time Each cycle takes an unusually long time. If you need to run two sets of dirty dishes, I imagine you'd need half a day! Loading Flexibility This machine has a poorly arranged loading shelves. It's not very big but I feel it could still take bigger dish loads if the shelves had been arranged in a better way. Performance For all the complaints I have with this dishwasher, it seems to do a decent job of cleaning dishes. Design The inside shelves made me give this dishwasher a rating of 2. The outside of the washer is not too bad though. It's also designed to fit in small spaces which is a plus for those of us for whom space is an issue. Durability I have had this machine for six months and so far have seen no durability issues.



Hotpoint-Ariston HDA3400G 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

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